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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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- European garden long table feast
- 6 creative hands flowers red
- Smart bathroom to create stylish new homes
- Wedding room decoration should pay attention
- European style wedding to do the grass

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 European garden long table feast Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Evening Dresses

Green grass, flowers and green leaves circle arch made of the main venue, the big long table neatly covered with flowers and food, this wedding is often used form of a buffet. Earth, sky, sun, green grass and so on. Let us follow the footsteps of your wedding with the beauty of nature into it!

Rich flavor of outdoor dining table

Use a long table, spread above the surface of a hollow dark chocolate brown table cloth, it is like arriving in a fascinating world of chocolate. Pink flowers brighten the tone of the entire table.

Goblet candle surrounded by flowers

Pink candle in the tall tall vase surrounded by dancing blue burning, brown, brown Dancing echoes with the desktop.

Special Occasion Dresses

Hydrangea flowers decorate the small table

Hydrangea bloom vase spent round. Glass goblet texture and reflection of the entire table brighter transparent.

Lily Table Flowers

Flowers large bottle tables the visual focus of the entire table, eye-catching bright pink lilies will become more active throughout the tables are jumping.

Elegant menus and name cards

The menu is full of European classic atmosphere and name cards will be the guest into the European dream garden wedding in Wonderland.

Lovely chocolate candles

Party Dresses

Modeling distributed thick chocolate candles incense on the table as a beautiful decoration, but also as a small gift to your guests.

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 6 creative hands flowers red Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Holding flowers given to the United States has been the significance of the bride walking down the aisle holding it to witness the wedding of the happy moment. The unmarried men and women receiving the holding the flower, you get the best blessing. In addition to critical system hands the color of flowers, white, elegant powder blue and yellow, the red flower balls that two years doing my part, loved by many newcomers.

Noble red velvet

Holding flowers composed of red roses, though not close tight, but each petal is drawn points to show the texture of velvet, with scattered green dress, the noble sense of immediately apparent. Of course, this sense of maturity the flowers to match the wedding dress, lace and crystal dress are appropriate choice.

Warm low-key

Attached to a layer of bright color coat low-key, sophisticated and detailed the changes that will make you looked at, can not help but lament the bride's delicate and vibrant inner. With a simple wedding dress, holding flowers that looked holding endure, every exquisite detail of interest in life are revealed.

Bit by bit the innocent taste

Bright red flower, crushing the petals, touch hands tightly solid favorite of young brides, a little embellishment, or small white flowers, or the shiny little pearls are lovely details . This bouquet put in the hands of real, as the pace of the shake, flowers, small against the background of a pure bride.

Warm Mexican style

Even light walking, you can feel the rich taste of wild and unrestrained. Calla's atmosphere and tension, combined with the warm Ju, holding flowers in the shape of a sense of unique, full of movement. Short Bra thin gold chain jewelry wedding and the bride with a passion for choice, you are the protagonist of the wedding, why not dance to it?

Full house Tingfan children

Yingying smile girl, dressed in pastel wedding, holding the house holding hands full of flowers Tingfan children, walked slowly, vividly painting the wedding scene. Indoor wedding chasing light warm tones of the flowers on to play in this, and the bride echo, the effect is particularly moving. Red lips and black hair is more prominent noble sense of the bride.

Warm Indian Ju

Western-style wedding in the outdoors love you, be sure to consider such a combination. Indian Chrysanthemum variety of colors, but their simple shapes, the composition of the different color brightness jump feeling full hands and flowers, especially under the sun moving. The overall shape of the flower varies quite a lot of natural flavor.

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 Smart bathroom to create stylish new homes Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Party Dresses

Modern bathroom, has freed itself from the previous stable deep, more and more of the bright and colorful. With the development of fashion, the development of more and more fashionable bathroom and Smart. Look below bathroom renovation, maybe you will find: the original simple gesture is a beautiful new home.

Bathroom becoming more and more fashionable and Smart, color has become a household personality reflected in the most convenient way, following the walls, furniture, numerous and varied colors apart, and fancy bath products are also up, get rid of the previous stable deep , bright bright and charming eyes gradually.

Aspect One: colored glass table

Jumping is becoming increasingly popular among young people like it, the color revolution has spread to the bathroom. Wash the material table colorless glass from the past simple, the development to the current red, orange, green and other bright color tone.

Glass materials are generally high-temperature-resistant tempered glass, more resistant to use. Glass table top is divided into steel and semi steel, but many sales people are collectively referred to as steel. The time of purchase, the best manufacturers of factory requires businesses to produce quality certification, note its type and high temperature performance.

Evening Dresses

Aspect II: Alien Ware

Ware modeling have always monotonous and traditions, but for those who seek fashion, really is a pity. Therefore, some alien ware also gradually enter the market, such as spherical with a toilet and wash basin with, angular shape of the tub and the amazing tap, sanitary ware shop in a lot of budding.

Regardless of changes in appearance, easy to use and easy to clean and can not be ignored is still a point to buy sanitary ware, sanitary ware should require less concave angle look better, easy to manage.

Aspect Three: Chinese Cabinet

Cabinet consumption growing, it is generally concise style the main line, is taking the fashion and modern line. But with the development of aesthetic diversity, a number of Chinese in the Cabinet also appeared in many people's home, blend with the decor.

Special Occasion Dresses

The Chinese Cabinet material generally used wood, so be sure to pay attention to the wood material, whether there is moisture, corrosion, anti-distortion function, so as to ensure the life of the bathroom cabinet.
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 Wedding room decoration should pay attention Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Married but life events, which declared the birth of a new family, start a new life, therefore, marriage room decoration is very important. But in doing wedding room decoration, many young people are inexperienced, have not previously experienced, are cramming in a temporary decoration before the pass, so often imperfect because of lack of experience or plan, worry about leaving the decoration as a things. Here, designers will briefly outline the wedding room decoration should pay attention.

Peace of mind can save money

There are many couples regard the wedding scheduled for the end of this year, so from the time point of view, the decoration is now imminent. Because planning a wedding is a very complex and trivial things, new people a hard time running their own market, to buy materials, supervise the project. Even leave the decoration, it is inevitable some travel efforts eclipsed Huarong, mentally exhausted.

Heavy decorative light fitting

The overall design of the marriage room to reflect the festive mood, which is the best furniture and other soft furnishings through to implementation. Tian Xiaoming told reporters, compared with previous years, this year the marriage room decoration home improvement market to consumers accounted for half of marriage, the pursuit of their modern minimalist style of decoration, which favored by the European Country style. Renovation process in the marriage room light fitting it is best to re-decoration, the timber containing hazardous substances, minimize the use of glue, etc. to reduce the new house gas pollution. Which is generally soft furnishings in the room decoration, promising marriage, such as red gauze, crystal bead curtain, lace, flowers, plaid cloth, are all dressed up marriage room, rendering the atmosphere of the great tools, and more flexible to facilitate change in the future.

Environmental health of the marriage room

Wedding room decoration pollution mainly on air pollution, including excessive levels of formaldehyde and benzene are the most harmful. Although the environmental performance of various types of building materials has increased than in the past, but because marriage has been fixed, new houses usually stay at the fast, indoor air pollution is difficult to completely volatile, with the bride and groom before marriage preparation for marriage, hectic, rest is not good, the body quality is relatively poor, more easily take advantage of harmful substances.

According to reports, the general home renovation period of two months, which is the material process of the release of contaminated ingredients, but the renovation has been completed, must also be ventilated to remove harmful gases, preferably after the decoration often ventilation. Indoor air by the testing organization to conduct a comprehensive treatment and testing, then had just to stay qualified.

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 European style wedding to do the grass Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Most people only know to the hot springs here, but I do not know the grass can hold weddings, wedding present, not many people order the grass. Provided free of charge: champagne tower, Miss Manners service, changing rooms, Reception table; meals standard of 100 yuan / person for more than 200 persons or more, a free wedding room.


Fun Wedding Party of European grassland Hua Xiaoqian

Choose a green or suburban villa garden, or lake lawn or yard, carefully decorated, in the sun, being with friends and family together for the grass surrounded by nature, shared and unique wedding atmosphere. Elegant, new, fashion, outdoor lawn wedding abroad has become fashionable. In Beijing, the place where the wedding can be not much grass, with the exception of a few high-end price and a higher five-star hotel, not the average person can easily afford the price. And go to the country, while at the grass side travel wedding party is a good choice.


Wuling it beautiful flowers

It is located in Wuling Wuling Mountain National Forest Park in the old West Gate Resort in the region, surrounded by the mountains around, gurgling water, beautiful scenery and natural beauty of the young people to advocate, is the perfect place for parties wedding.

Wuling Mountain, right on the wedding venue, the famous American photographer Billy - Site Si Hu had once commented: "grass wedding held in the city, as long as a piece of turf on the line, can be found everywhere, and here the mountain, only I The home can be compared with Hawaii. "
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