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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 The perfect wedding dress and matching shawl Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wedding dress accessories in the "shawl" is one of the important parts, when the wearing style simple Quinceanera Dresses, if we catch a "cape", the natural surroundings to create the bride elegant temperament. In particular, is now entering the autumn season, the weather in the cool earth, farewell to the guests of the bride standing outside with a shawl, you can both warm effect. Shawls different materials, which created the vision, touch will be different, like a shawl made from the yarn, because the color variety, so the sex than the other materials with the shawl to be more strong. Sequined shawl cloth is the material commonly used to recently, in the printed pattern on fabric with transparent sequins, shawl color patterns on cloth can be presented with a variety of changes, the whole fabric rather have the texture. Ta Fuka soft silk fabric material, but also has pearl-like luster, so it is often used as a shawl material. In addition, cotton shawls mixed materials, cotton, because it contains the ingredients, so that together exceptionally soft, close, feeling quite comfortable. French made silk shawls, fabric and texture of the double-good, you can dress set off full of extravagance! The yarn made of shawls in Uganda has the effect of perspective, so together with the Prom Dresses with a particularly feminine. The design of the shawl, in addition to general common type of style a long, but part of the shawl is also designed to be curved, so that seems quite dynamic and the luxury shawls for Red Wedding Dresses designed with a narrow bodied. The hem of the additional design shawls, shawls with extra points for the effect. Hem with feathers designed to make shawls to add elegant feeling, but the fluffy cloth with fringed shawls designed to allow shawl has the effect of rhythm. Wu Gan hem with lace shawl yarn materials, create a feeling of gentle fantasy, and two-color satin with a hot drilling, the effectiveness of lace also has a finishing touch, hot drilling can increase the brightness of shawls, two-color satin lace stiffness can be , involving the addition of a change of shawls. Cape with the most suitable wedding dress styles, to cup-style dress with spaghetti straps better, best selection of dress and shawl homogeneous material, so that the effect of the overall mix better! If the dress style is more complicated, then coupled with elegant shawl, on the contrary, if the design is simple and elegant wedding dresses, shawls, you can catch the gorgeous little style. White silk with a texture of a good white, beige shawl, allowing the bride is more elegant, and dress with a shawl with the design sense of the one hand there is the function of keeping warm, while the bride can lengthen the overall percentage of body type. Finally, to remind the bride that is: the bride petite and very high for pink shawl, body type tall bride is suitable for heavy shawl color and soft texture.

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 Create exquisite purple wedding Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Spring and summer, purple wedding is very welcome, both romantic atmosphere, but also lack a sense of cool. Selected details of the 10 purple wedding, to tell you how the best combination of colors and designs, creating an atmosphere appropriate and unique wedding. Decorative ribbon bow seats Card Decorated with a purple bow round seat cards, wedding highlights from the details of the texture. Round trip in the past a square card fixed pattern, cute cute; purple bow gracefully decorated on it. These little cards scattered on the wedding of seats each desktop, low-key wedding to reflect a romantic. To create a beautiful romantic purple wallpaper The open-type space of natural light, bright purple cloth with a light table for flowers, so that the audience looked both elegant and airy atmosphere. Large square table, the use of purple cloth and laid a wedding audience of the main colors. Space in natural light, no significant heavy, but the entire field played a stabilizing role of tone. To create a gorgeous purple sweet words. The performance level of the table flowers floral depth Shades of purple tone, the table outlines the different floral color and shape on the spending level of feeling. Gives a strong visual appeal. Silver flower showing a strong mix of uses retro feeling. Showing the entire wedding long aesthetic sense, as if time this dock. LOGO design exquisite decorative gift back As with the purple wedding theme echoed in the various details of the design can be considering the selection of the same color. Small and exquisite with purple gift box decorated each guest's back seat is not only a new expression of courtesy and welcome to the guests, but also allow the visitors to the future memories of the wedding, or a tiny new grade reflected. Elegant ribbon hanging greeting card Caring for each guest to prepare a greeting card, let them write their wedding wishes. The couple, is a sweet and romantic occasion to remember. Phase match with the purple wedding, in white card, with a purple ribbon on their system, simple and elegant blend with the wedding. Elegant and beautiful Party Dresses Usually the bride's wedding dress is predominantly white, as a beautiful landscape wedding bridesmaid who's optional to wear a lot of flexibility. A lovely selection of bridesmaids were dressed in elegant purple Beach Wedding Dresses, so Nama mysterious purple sexy figure along with their young, vibrant and at the wedding into it. Purple wedding theme to a more perfect and complete. Rich blooming flower elegant hands Drop-type hand-held holding purple flowers. Natural and lively, dark purple tone will not be limited by the quiet. Elegant still feel elegant. The bridesmaids were the skies, You Xianliang eyes. Chic purple groom corsage Made of tiny purple petals of the groom corsage, subtle and steady. Play a finishing touch. Purple flowers with the bride holding each other, understanding comes from here.

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 Alert! 9 can not choose the bride's wedding dress Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Can choose to admire for his bride and the wedding is every girl has a wish. Many brides choose wedding dress the bride will put great enthusiasm, but not necessarily right themselves. Now popular very quickly, some adverse criticism of the dress also followed published. Critical to avoid these styles as long as the bride, as a perfect appearance. 1, the tight-fitting bra dress Members may feel tight money more prominent figure, but also see if it is to wear comfortable dress! First it will make you unable to move, whether moving, eat or do something. Second, this design is quite rough, thick materials, hard, soft and lose a sense of the waist. If the designers removed the skeleton-like support section, perhaps the effect will be better. But in terms of a bride, seems too harsh, not to mention the Homecoming Dresses was already passing. 2, short in front long dress I know the fashion trends of the 80s come back, but this style is not that I accept, unless you are Madonna to shoot a dance music MV. Asymmetrical bias cut dress is filled with frightening theatrical effects. Organza and satin upper body material is terrible conflict, and the foot straps are not suitable for wedding. Remember that you are not going to break down, but going to get married. 3, two-piece lace dress First, whenever two-piece is not suitable for wedding choice, it is the basic Junior Bridesmaid Dresses sense. Second, this tooth looks full of bare shoulders and a sense of vulgarity, lace collar design has long passed. Third, even if you just choose to see, your level will not have this, this long straight skirt with the same paragraph is not suitable for long-sleeved coat of loose. The bride looks happy, maybe she was just fascinated by the beach, while ignoring her bouquet just as bad. 4, large bow dress skirt This is a surprise offer by a bride! Really do not understand what the bride needs to dress before putting such a big limp bow. This looks more like a large bow scribbled deal, without any sophisticated sense. Bow down all the way from the center of the folds seem complicated mess, evidently, not to dress the bride was also flooded one of the things to note. 5, feather dress with pearl pendant So the bride dressed more like Las Vegas showgirls in Las Vegas, but it is definitely not suitable for a bride. The long-sleeved full of beads pendant vulgar sense, and it is very cumbersome. Feather skirt the same vulgar, in a dress actually has two elements in the same vulgar compete against, so people feel terrible. Beaded upper body can not bring the same charm, the opposite order bride funny, but hip is not suitable for many feathers to decorate the. Select this dress, apparently not after careful consideration, if you do not want to reflect your special interests of certain birds, I see you gave up the idea. 6, red tail robe Designer Alfred Angelo design this dress is more suitable than the bullring in Pamplona wedding. Is a bold attempt not only adventurous bride, will be destroyed, especially in the red robes intolerable delay, coarse cloth seemed stiff, full of gold embroidery is tacky, cheap and heavy feeling impression that the bride is simply unable to move, this color also can not cheer up people, I think it is more suitable for bridesmaids. 7, long wedding coat paragraph Unless you are 50 years of age, or you do not consider such a dress or a. Down to the floor-length dress coat suitable for the older woman, and it has not fashion sense. The bride's bouquet as questionable, because the overall appearance looks more like a Victorian grandmother, not a fashionable young bride. Frankly, not very suitable for wedding dress jacket, especially the brightly colored jacket. 8, feather dress The bride looks is leading to a death sentence, because from the point of her dress as suffering from depression. The feathers sprouted like just like the drilled out from the skirt, and feathers do not fit in the dress, it may be suitable for showgirl. 9, princess wedding section If you want to choose a princess wedding theme, choose this wedding does not seem too much wrong, but if not, I advise you to give up. It's unbearable to imitate the main one is that it looks more like cartoon characters, cheap materials do not say, Puff sleeves and tapered design, detail design is full of lace at the tacky feel. In addition to a wedding dress so you can make more than ugly, do not know what kind of people wear the beautiful.

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 Short nowadays the bride's favorite wedding dress Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wedding will always be loaded with a woman for all of downtown grand dream wedding, especially for the most representative of the emphasis on description of cascading veil, beautiful women to the extent not refuse. However, the long hot summer this year is destined to become a more personalized wedding and wedding year, decided to bid farewell to the classic luxury of trailing and the court, the design of wedding dress to the staggering bold, short, super short hot enough to make the bride who became the hottest day. In the past, many people like at the wedding wearing a long dress, short dress not appear to be serious, it has not been good. In recent years, this concept is changing, short dresses have become popular in the wedding, the bride wedding nowadays must be the first line. In the past, wedding dresses, evening dresses, Chinese wedding dress is a must to wear three sets of clothes, and now, Chinese cheongsam gradually decline, replaced by a short dress. Short dress can easily create a party atmosphere, and some couples even after the wedding with the guests went to the bar, to give myself a memorable and enjoyable night. And you need not worry about your wedding dress apart from no light of day outside, simple little dress skirt very useful in the future can continue to play a more occasions heat. However, the summer really a lot of trouble to marry the bride. Sweating, makeup is easy to "spend" out, too much embellishment, though a large tail of luxury wedding beautiful and allows the bride and harder and harder to find hot, guests can feel cumbersome, so short a bride's wedding just to solve this trouble. Summer wedding dress should be simple and not cumbersome, this two-year rise of silk fabric of the wedding, both soft and breathable, the best choice.

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 Wide shirt Dachu elegant atmosphere Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


OL shirt is one of many fashionable wardrobes are one of the most common style, but the tedious shirt plus pants with the lack of volatile and sexy. The current spring, may wish to select a wide version of the Party Dresses, loose and comfortable at the same time to cover the accumulated winter fat are not careful, it can bring changeable visual changes, and the wide version of the shirt gives people a feeling of elegant atmosphere , let you easily very fashionable.


Loose style shirt, clean vertical stripes, was thin at the same time relative to the plate is the traditional style and more stylish atmosphere some. Workplace with high waist trousers, urban chic image of the light that come to the fore OL.


The shirt will be a little more black sexy and stylish, no effect was thin and is excellent, with high waist khaki pants, waist fold design gives the feeling of a more sophisticated, do not forget to wear a pair of stylish fish head and ankle boots.


Easy simple white shirt, with black high waist trousers, waist fold design beam out slender waist, relatively relaxed upper body, lower body tightening, tall-type female appearance!


Chiffon elegant texture of the black shirt is not only attractive, but also was very thin. With a high waist skirt, tall figure stand out, both elegant and beautiful atmosphere of the Special Occasion Dresses.

Wide knees tight white shirt with a pencil skirt, there will be another in a different style, simple and very low profile among the elegant atmosphere.


Long white shirt, cut loose casual and comfortable, with black legging and high heels, shallow mouth, which was thin while highlighting celebrities like elegance.


As long as a long-enough version of the color purple shirt, knee length slim enough to cover up the thigh, highlight the extravagance of knitted necklace with a decorative, so you feminine.

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