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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 Set off the noble spirit of the bride Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Doll wedding dress the bride's lovely and soft, beautifully out of the whole doll dress satin texture modification of the bride wedding dress to a good curve, so that the bride at the wedding the focus of the most dazzling.

Deconstruction decorative exaggeration and wedding design, a large bow to play a dual role, and Lingerie style doll style, ideal for the abdomen to cover the bride's curves and recommend it to a beautiful pregnant bride. Butterfly-shaped design needs bold detail to show at multiple Aspect perfect shape. Lace, tiny flowers, pearl necklaces and more.


To do with the satin texture profile shape designed to make classical sense of wedding style into modern art. Texture, a perfect size Munakata, under the action of the bow, it seems more gather upright. Add a lot of lace at the hem stitching, so big woman wedding dress chest wrapped temperament, lovely woman with a small fine.



A wisp of black ribbon bow, with the bride's pure academic temperament, organza skirt with satin cover the faint light perception, so that the bride is more low-key style fine. Lights dim light perception, and red hair of the refined texture of the most dissonant. Crystal White Pearl or accessories can further enhance the pure aesthetic.



Crystal is not just big stars to bring the luxury, the dazzling gem on the shoulder strap also somewhat the effect of fairy tales. Yarn satin princess dress, ideal for wedding night lead a dance party links. Disney fairy tale princess to participate in multi-night party will have pieces of velvet cloak, and the bride on the wedding veil can be used to create the perfect shape of mystery.

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 Crystal Dreams Wedding Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Bright March, most is held in the spring season of deep their wedding. At this time of the elections in selecting the bride wedding dress, they can add some more elements to the wedding in the crystal, let thy flowing skirt flashing crystal brilliance, add to your winter wedding dash of color.

Sexy fishtail skirt + radial crystal
Chest wrapped fishtail skirt can build the perfect S-shaped bridal show maximum effect, the rich texture of skirt Christmas snowflakes like soft, with waist side to low bloom crystal ornaments, so the whole wedding there Aspect is also key.

Pose is a classic fishtail skirt walking the bride Party Dresses casual references to action, then the chest, hip, knee, 3S will form a perfect curve sideways at the wedding crystal design, the side you will provide the necessary light.

Lace veil
To echo the theme of wedding on the crystal, lace on the veil must also have the right amount of crystal ornaments, so the overall brightness so that the bride has a gradient effect, both visually rich, there are primary and secondary points.

Elegant Crystal embroidery A dress + belt
Su satin shoulders with the dignified classic 70s style, pinch pleated chest look more full treatment to Munakata, girdle under the low-key and gorgeous crystal embroidery designs, patterns in the composition of a very European style palace, this and Eugen sense of high yarn consistent. White pearl earrings and white crystal necklace to create the overall shape of the end of a perfect sense.

A word with a slender waist skirt shoulders, is an international fashion show this fall season, the best style of field rendering, elegant retro charm to the bride's wedding party a more fashionable topic.Beach Wedding Dresses and unfold the elegant atmosphere, even if wearing ballet shoes or tap shoes will look pretty decent.

Fashion hair band
Made with organza bow hair band will make the bride's "ancient clothing" style is more in place. Emphasis placed bow way, is, side to increase the bride wearing a cute girl a sense of temperament. Ribbons hung on the bride to dance, to bring more dynamic vision.

Creative Crystal folding skirt + silver embroidery patterns
Black Junior Bridesmaid Dresses chest wrapped selection of elements and organza-based materials, simple profile form, neat cut. Origami design of the main asymmetric skirt, close to the edge of the embroidery pattern on the loose, large and small mosaic of crystal embellishment, because the detailed distribution patterns and crystal uniformity, the entire wedding appeared in the pure sense of elegance.

Asymmetric folding skirt, leading the bride and groom's dance link, the best light show of its advantages in the dance between the raised skirt, can bring a wonderful visual picture of the dancing that the bride is absolutely a plus.

Personalized Hair
Wedding to go pure light line, the first yarn as well. Satin texture elements used to do cascading veil treatment, and then wear the same hat as retro in the head, both beautiful curve modeling, but also momentum, and the gradient of the curve and the skirt of the folding design also echoes.

To do with the satin texture profile shape designed to make classical sense of wedding style into modern art. Texture, a perfect size Munakata, under the action of the bow, it seems more gather upright. Add a lot of lace at the hem stitching, so that a large woman wrapped temperament wedding chest, a small woman with delicate lovely.

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 How to create the perfect wedding photo cover Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


About to usher in the wedding date yet? DEAR Results couples, if you and the most important of his life is your wedding day as the first of a new life in the large, then, as an absolute heroine, you can imagine how amazing you should play, so that we feel like being in a movie scene in it?



Homecoming Dresses

Dressed in this dress will attract all the admiring glances: Slim flared skirt and exciting honor the collar makes the dress gorgeous, wonderful; its design and texture to make it stand out cut. Dress fabrics and details to show a low-key way, it shows its unique qualities.

In addition, you can Do not throw in the side regardless of the groom! Results like his love of classic men's wear Evening Dresses. Coupled with slightly more complex, such as the accessories such as glasses, he looks both sexy and stylish.


Fashion Accessories

This dress is selected, the really do not need too much jewelry and accessories to be embellished. Small diamond earrings and wedding rings shine enough to make the bride very!


Free hair

Behind the head and nape of the neck at the approximate location of a loose circle pull hair comb can be part of hair care on a more natural, wearing a crown of hair to the site of several thick.



Revitalizing makeup

Now, the natural look is popular for a reason! Love knot in the bride's cheeks and lips with a rose blush and lip gloss, and cast her eye, but also some, this makeup is so pure and youthful bride look.

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 Mother Notes wedding trial Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Choose stylish and of course, essential for their own wedding! Test bride wedding, so what's never awakened?
For the bride, the most important thing in the wedding day to become the most beautiful female lead. Choose stylish and of course, essential for their own wedding! Or a bridal salon in the studio, try the rows of wedding, or undecided. Test bride wedding, so what's never awakened?

Test test must be the better wedding?

Each girl has a heart of greed, that try to test the better wedding, the best to each have tried. In fact, this wrong. Because sometimes try too much, you will think that this Ye Hao, that Ye Hao, contrary to their own confusion. Some even think that the more try, the worse, especially in the bridal salon trying on different styles, lets you can not find the feeling. The best way is to find a style before, and then try, try 2 to 3 sets of the general on the line.

Chest full of people wear wedding?

Chest full of girls do not feel inferior, but do not worry lingerie straps will not fall down, because the wedding will be received inside the waist and stomach tight, until the time would not hold up your breasts, the other wedding photography company the staff have a variety of small ways to help you solve this problem.

People who are too thick arm, how do wear Party Dresses?

Avoid sleeveless dress is a good idea. Shoulder a large skeleton bride, you can choose American sleeveless dress, which would allow his long arms exposed.

Wedding petticoat must be within it?

No matter the size of the general must have a slip dress, but what kind of petticoats Beach Wedding Dresses according to the material and style and your body to decide. Do not accompanied by thick heavy wedding petticoat, bride feel so stupid. Even if you are a petite bride can also choose someone who can match the skirt, the hem of a kind wedding shake the feeling, only dynamic in order to fully show your figure.

Sake of the child bride, married to select wedding?

Sake of the child married is not something serious, and is stressful for you to stomach, in fact, do not wear the kind of tight-fitting wedding, both are harmful for babies, but also on your body no good. You can choose Black Junior Bridesmaid Dresses, wedding around his waist line in your chest, waist, both to block the belly, it will not highlight the little fat in the body.

Wear a wedding dress when you have to wear gloves?

This is not a hard and fast rules, mainly because people have more formal sense, but also appears you are very elegant. But the end of the wedding, you have to take off the gloves.

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 Both elegant and sweet bride makeup Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

POINT 1: looking finish to create flawless skin and delicate 

Would like to draw the perfect bridal makeup, the most important thing is to have no time for the end of muscle shape, and with a glossy three-dimensional features.


1, the use of foundation to shape the face three-dimensional effect Bo Hou, marked with thin layer of the natural foundation, use the same color in the cheeks and then coated with a layer of foundation, foundation parts manufacturing T-thin, thick foundation cheeks parts three-dimensional.
2, in the nose on both sides of the cheeks and forehead defects or pores, which are coated with an appropriate amount of clear liquid foundation place, and then pulp, gently place the method to circular motion shot open, and can Concealer.

3, and then the whole face evenly coated with liquid foundation, used palm gently press the skin, the foundation fused with the skin, so foundation is more docile. Finally, the powder brush Powder hold.

4, after looking finish on can be installed in a small spray of mineral water, sprayed in the face distance, then naturally dry, so make makeup look more soft and hazy.

POINT 2: create a watery eyes and moving his eyes 

Nude makeup look stressed a sense of temperament without too much eye makeup colors, the focus is to make the brightness of eyes to show it with the deep level, in order to highlight the sense of eye makeup-free, over-bright colors can be omitted. Department can choose color and blue eye shadow, succinct and classic black eyeliner and mascara natural camp.


1, can be lightly coated with a layer of cream eye shadow base, and then painted using dark brown eyeliner under the eye liner on the liner and, after a two-thirds, let's highlight the natural contours of the eye type. 

2, to make the eye more three-dimensional, and ultimately, brushing mascara on this step. Particularly in the sense of naturally occurring color LOOK for nude makeup, mascara brush is definitely very necessary!

3, eyebrow color and eyeliner on the eye makeup are the best choice of brown or brown, softer. Eye shadow can choose pink, orange and other bright pearl eye shadow not play, can end in the eye and the former head position under the eye liner, liquid eye shadow brush on the light gold eyes will look especially God.

POINT 3: eyebrow eyebrow to create a natural appearance 

As simple as possible to carry out the modification of the eyebrows, to show the original nature of the eyebrow, can well be self-confident side of you show up, oh. 


1, eyebrow color and eyebrow as far as possible similar qualities, the use of light color than the eyebrow One of the eyebrow.

2, eyebrows modification as simple as possible, use eyebrow brush to Mei Wei forward from the brow brush, simply follow the original painted pale eyebrow, do not deliberately modified, the color of the eyebrows and hair color can be coordinated.

3, the eyebrows do not fix it too thin, simple arc can be triggered with the eyebrow.

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