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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 The better the process Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

2011 wedding dress scene even more diversification, the dominance of a single wave are difficult to find. Can say it with the trend of 2011, benchmark the company of the fashion industry: futuristic and the fairy tale world to keep pace, simplicity and luxury come together, while the lace and silk wedding is still the most popular material.

2011 lace wedding filled with the ultimate from the temptation, the better the process is rendered into a lace flowers of various shapes, and silk, made a perfect combination of veil. Lace is characterized by the design beautiful, unique technology, through sophisticated processing, pattern embossed pattern has a slight effect, albeit not very clearly the nature of the modification of the hazy beauty of women was just right. Lace can be expressed not only the bride's mature and sexy, they can have nice lovely woman, but also to the performance of traditional elegance. Most of the Beach Wedding Dresses with straps processing lines at the shoulder and chest a perfect portrait of the same time, showing a sexy women born naturally rather than enchanting, belt also makes a lot of the people look lively again wraps at the waist belt, and another a small woman's taste.

Metal gorgeous

Although the metallic pressing extravagance, but for those who wear color, shape and other aspects of the requirements are relatively high, dress well, they inevitably tend to be vulgar, so the design of the wedding, so that the color and type than the less used, but once the design is good, and you can immediately show her unique style. The Black Junior Bridesmaid Dresses with a strong oriental silk fabric with copper, with gold at the neckline, sleeves and trousers trimmed, and very relaxed dress design, but also a soft silk fabric, unlike the other wedding, it is not too tall and more demanding, looking fresh and smooth, casual comfort, and even lazy. Clever designers break through the traditional, always looking to the temperament of the expression of another, who said she was not elegant?


Black and white flower

Some say the world is white wedding dress, white warm, romantic, noble, elegant, no other colors seem to survive. Designer bold use of cool colors here, the black, can not say it is not a bold breakthrough. Black is also a noble, elegant symbol, and white actually looks is King. Era in the pursuit of individuality, wedding designs also need to change, you need personality, need to participate in the times to go. With low-cut design, and the beam from the high waist, connected together by a black flower, with the soul of the fit, although black is the traditional use of a rebellious, but the visual jump, there is a special wedding Personal Expression: fashion, sexy, glamorous. The black as the dazzling accessories, set off the bride holy angel.



Neutral Pioneer

Neutral fashion in 2011 was rampant, and wedding design is equally delightful. There are reports that, at present, the "neutral Idol" is popular, some of the trendy women of various feminine wedding tradition also began to feel "sweet", as one who used to eat cream cakes instead of coarse grains soft spot. Neutral color to black and white wedding-based, there are silver, light green and other neutral colors, wedding although also used in lace, brocade and other traditional fabrics, but to hem pants or skirts instead of the feminine Skinny long robe , the upper body is Quinceanera Dresses.


Retro luxury

Retro wedding in 2011 in addition to demonstrating the ancient Greek style, as well as one of the most obvious manifestation is that the design has a tightening of the chest, and as such a large cast of speakers of the skirt. Although the heavy skirt, but women in particular can show the unique charm of elegance. The skirt of the wedding is the most traditional and classic, and has been popular ever since. Generally this type of wedding petticoats with stereotypes used, characterized by upper cut fit, waist can be just slightly below the waist or the location of the waist to tighten the body can highlight the proportion of good. Full skirt to balance not only the role of the upper body, so that the whole people seem calm, elegant and generous nature is also revealed in the swing skirt. Hand-sewn together in the complex cascade of fantasy skirt can also be good family atmosphere of luxury and gorgeous it demonstrated a significant.


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 White symbolizes purity Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

White represents the purity in the Western tradition, sacred and peaceful, with the popularity of Party Dresses, white is the use of more and more into the layout of the wedding. When the fusion of classic pure white wedding, the success of the classic wedding snow scenes the world in general, people can not help but spontaneously sigh love pure and beautiful.


White symbolizes purity, sanctity and peace, the best performance of the noble qualities of a person, white chair covers, white linen tablecloths, white napkins, and white tableware, white wedding with flowers, white wedding candles, white people will never forget the romantic interpretation of that copies of puppy love! Holy white wedding color theme is a revolutionary breakthrough in the wedding colors, though still with the traditional concept of doing the tough exchanges, but certainly the same as the year of the wedding, a wedding fashion and mainstream. White is the most classic traditional Western wedding colors.

Retrospect, people think white wedding everywhere bling-bling of. Dense white flowers, white tablecloths, white seat covers, white gloves and lace veil, the groom corsage of white chest.

The wedding was beautiful and pure white flowers, everywhere the fragrance of distributing this long, we have other abnormal feelings of joy, it appears that selection of wedding flowers is also very important, oh.

This is indeed a realization of dreamwedding opportunity to dress beautifully Evening Dresses to the venue but also an atmosphere of solemn, like a princess and prince of the hand in general, willing to leave no regrets Love in life.

White wedding
Key words: classic, elegant, noble
Suitable venue: Private hall, hotels, remote exotic sites
Suitable size: 50 ~ 150
Classic white wedding always mean a long stay work. Temperature reaches the ultimate in love the moment, his eyes are sweet. Adjust the environment to create a white, white hydrangea, white roses, white balloons are essential. New photo also muddy white one, fresh and elegant.

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 Balanced and complementary safest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Dependent Marriage in the main cause of failure is that they are in the "emotional" parasitic dependence, expecting the husband to carry all their sense of security, the burden of self-esteem or lack self-confidence. Another reason for their failure, is unaware of their role has changed.

Marriage can be divided into two different extreme form, in real life, very few couples are purely first or the second, most people living between the two extremes.

The first, "against competition" in the marriage relationship. Both belligerent, and fear of disadvantage, is also not very forgiving sacrifice. The second, "parasitic dependence" of the marriage. In this relationship, the two sides play different and complementary roles. Which one party is very strong, is the protector of and provider; the other is to be protectors, dependent and obedient. However, such relations are often buried under each other to high expectations.

Healthy marriage, usually filled with elastic, and sometimes independent of each other, and sometimes depend on each other. This "balanced and complementary" relationship is the closest to the ideal husband and wife.

Dependent Marriage in the main cause of failure is that they are in the "emotional" parasitic dependence, expecting the husband to carry all their sense of security, the burden of self-esteem or lack self-confidence. Another reason for their failure, is unaware of their role has changed. They stay in a rut, do not understand the spouses of different ages have different needs and environments. They have the traditional virtues, but do not know what is the appropriate time and occasion, you can play these virtues. They are willing to sacrifice themselves, do not ask whether the sacrifice of their own spouse, the whole family valuable.

Marriage, one party will lead to both lost output. One patient blindly, deny the results of their own personality, often depriving the other party is stuck in the middle can not grow, at the end, both sides of the well-being have been destroyed. Happiness is one of marriage, only one happy, the other can be happy for long.

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 V-neck wedding Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Now popular custom unique wedding, why not according to the design as it is, add your own unique taste, creating a world, only this one's wedding dress it? Here to provide some unique design elements, I wish the good things that women can become close to the most charming bride!


V-neck wedding, the bride right clavicle and a half to reveal the shoulders, neck, plum-shaped diamond circle necklace, a simple veil made of plum blossom silk flowers arrogant head drooping down crown, in particular, can be a symbol of the bride Bingjie character, the overall shape is the kind of fresh, cold winter air which has a pure, cold exudes brilliant, emitting a pure and noble beauty of seclusion.

If simple and Elegant Wedding Dresses , can be more complicated crown of the head, so as not tend to be dull. Like the shoulder of zircon with a thin chain strap dress made of the first yarn to the meteor shower can be like a bold use of long vertical string of flowers, like the crisp sound of wind chimes, such as the swaying of the willow, curved around the head around Drag to the waist. Affixed with a substantial crushing or veil stars, gorgeous enchanting as the Baroque dream. The bride must be the kind of tall, slim, small and who will visually lower the center of gravity, has become a negative example wedding. If the petite bride would also like to use the vertical string of flowers that can be controlled at shoulder length slightly Xiachu, string ray of lilac flower color might doping, cute and natural.

The bride may not stained like dust, like daisies, pure water. Collar of the upper body, chest, floral design, color in the light looming. No big halter, no big bare shoulders, long-sleeved lace design all the handmade, transparent yarn inlaid with small Ronghua, cuffs cover your half of the palm of your hand, sweet and quiet. Together with a Victorian-style necklace, the whole court is out of the princess. Rendanruju, looks gentle and unassuming, so that guests experience what the scene is the real perfect.

Can be elegant and unique as the bride Qingren Cao, and Tee design of the upper body to highlight the three-dimensional texture of the satin white is made, the entire wedding, regardless of lace, Rousha or chiffon, silk fabric instead of using the unified, unique to waist dotted one the same texture of roses. Difference is reflected in the glove highlights the arm at the transparent lace sewn into the arm and hand junction labeled as a beautiful bow. Anti-diamond necklace is a monopoly in favor of the rich ethnic customs Beads short lanyards. Even the stiff hair can break the disk-type, and to make Audrey Hepburn in "Long Fengpei" in the chic style. From the reality of ordinary women with a smile, clean and shallow calm, it is like bathing in the bright sunshine, warm, like sunflower, the whole hall was filled with the warm.

The bride also is the color, although white still play a leading role, other colors such as a decoration can not be counted. Wrinkled bark tight Homecoming Dresses , large white flowers purple and yellow flowers in the shape of Hydrangea pouring down from the chest, only to pull back until close to the skirts, like a mountain spring water flow suddenly, so suddenly, so contrary to expected. Lost Dream of the United States, such as the United States, such as hallucinations, a kind of bone marrow through a strong pro.

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 Germinating elegant wedding beautiful bride Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Bra designed for the bride wedding dress in recent years become a hot spot, Bra design wedding the bride's figure out a more perfect foil, so that as the protagonist of the bride at the wedding a beautiful focus.

Simple wedding style shoulder strap design, selection of material for a heavy sense of personal style cut design, wedding mentioned above, bright white printing the whole wedding gloss, white flower-like design is this dotting the bride wedding of the pen. Off this Quinceanera Dresses, more graceful, more will set off the beauty of the bride.


Bra style with a layered design of the wedding the bride's body set off a more elegant, wide waist skirt design and the design of personal contrast, will set off the bride petite body more graceful scene, so the bride sex appeal through this show out the perfect wedding dress.


Simple models of the bride Special Occasion Dresses, with a beautiful Korean taste, white wedding dress designed personal big skirt the past few years the new darling of the bride wedding dress, wedding dress design this style has a noble bride, another luxury, the bride set off even more elegant.


Bra-style design simple models of the bride wedding dress, cut very simple self-cultivation, but revealed a surge in the casual atmosphere of luxury, especially the bride's elegant set off, so that the bride wore a white wedding exude a Unit charming atmosphere, the perfect bride's elegance unfolded.


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