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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 Find the perfect wedding of their own super Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Once in a lifetime wedding, after all, want to make their own relatives and friends were impressed. Therefore, we should belong to you how to pick a unique style wedding let us tell you.
Organize a beautiful and memorable wedding that everyone admired, has been the dream of many couples. However, in addition to considering the budget issues, organizing a wedding are the first time many things, once in a lifetime wedding, after all, want to make their own relatives and friends were impressed. So, how should pick Homecoming Dresses belonging to fashion your own let us tell you.


In the blue sky, green, lavender, bell orchid paradise in full bloom, showing the Greek sunny Mediterranean style. Fresh and pure refined beauty, as if the goddess of Shakespeare's muse reproduction; a soft chiffon married yarn, like a lily lying still like a soft, soft chiffon is the curve of the weapon, as if wandering in the sun over to the quiet and wait. Simple white, simple elegance, such as hand to me, that pure joy .

In space and time through the love, the extreme time gallery, beautiful marriage situation, begin to know the true meaning of the beauty of line of sight, went rippling into numerous reverie; embroidered with silver thread is an exquisite classical and noble cross, stop confusing the number of seconds fingertips to East cheongsam outline as the backbone, the essence of Western Elegant Wedding Dresses for the foliage, to lure the ancient era of themselves freely, ornate elegance.


Hollow, tulle, mesh, intended to brandish a consultative fashion. Beautiful costumes, beautiful soft silk, elegant dance, dance beautiful fashion, is a not resist the temptation. Dressed in white gauze legendary amazing, beautiful and heart touching , Evening Dresses fashion style, pants, small shoulder, fine embroidery Teng, Creative, full perfect performance that a moving fashion marriage.

The wedding should not just serious subject matter, child clip play games, juvenile fun graffiti butterfly wings, push toys frolic Office Jia Jiajiu the heart, marriage is really good fun! Juqi costumes, sweet heart, hid Review conceal the shallow excitement, there is no hesitation anxiety, is full of love traction. The concept of the line for the overall design, such as flowers like butterflies, flying around indiscriminately, do not care about other people again and again humming amazing.

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 Bridesmaid dresses can also be fascinating Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Bridesmaid dresses can also be a color, this is the only to the errand of the reward. Now that the weather is hot, but you can bridesmaid than bride installed some more cool, do not dress all bound by mopping the floor, put on that happy Skirt legs, a convenient shuttle, such as fish, also happens to a bride with a grand contrast .




Satin dress has always been the preferred material is made, smooth texture of silk can be shining lights in the party visually quite luxury. Moreover, the United States silk to perfection, full of radiant light outside without publicity, the metamorphosis of the beautiful imagination is based on hearsay evidence.




Clear Bra Type strapless Quinceanera Dresses fine and soft, violet ribbon waist is a favorite this year, while the ribbon skirt under the three-column style should be the season's fashion.

Three-tier tower can be changed into skirt pleated skirts retro atmosphere, this element is also the return of points this season. Pleated skirt is see the exquisite design skill, skirt length to the calf just right, put the same color of the silk ballet shoes, a restrained gentle princess, is no longer a young girl say hello to eat and drink.



As the bride is white, pink is always dedicated to the bridesmaids, but we can abandon the common pink suits, the graceful style to a more attractive the Special Occasion Dresses. May wish to avoid the heat, then do not pick a long dress, a solemn atmosphere, if not afraid to steal, but also to the big halter, pink belt around to make a down low behind the bow. To cooler, and choose low-cut dress has chest Yes, skirt lined with pink satin, covered with layers of Qingbotouming of spinning out. This is a small bridesmaid things without prior stunning, like Cinderella, there is a vague sense of beauty. This hazy chiffon can also be applied to the sky-blue dress and other long-tail or a short paragraph, and quite seem like pure crystal, while adding a bit lively and naive.




Black may not appear in the wedding, said some of the finest banquet, the guests select the tight black dress is also quite a lot of tape. Black fishtail skirt slender and do not best reflect the earnings of a grip of the slender waist, and black tulle and quiet is a shares sultry sexy. If you happen to be bridesmaids and then the master of ceremonies, and the room air conditioning and cold enough, it is better to wear the wedding in the summer, long sleeve boat neck little black horn length skirt, very unique style all seasoned, and are they do not have to worry about Some people laugh at you two are playing black and white bride.

Bridesmaid dresses can also be a color

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 Colorful bridal gowns tasteful Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wedding dress is not just only black or white, delicate colors of the bridal gown to the bride's dress is more elegant and moving, the bride chose a temperament suited to their own wedding dress so beautiful blooming glory.


Department cute Party Dresses the bride will be dressed like a princess bride, like a pink, lace and pink flower design another wedding dress that is full of deep flavor Lolita, Bra-strap design is also another This sexy little pink dress the bride added charm.


Department of pure Beach Wedding Dresses the bride dressed like pure as the lily, white gauze and sequins mosaic design another wedding dress that is full of pure taste, so the bride wore a white dress become more elegant and moving.

Department of the bride dress purple ice dressed as the bride's bright goddess, purple silk material the use of other parts of the whole Black Junior Bridesmaid Dresses with a flowing color, the bride's beautiful full bloom out.


Red Rose Department of the bride dress bridal dress as beautiful as flowers, red dress for the bride's beauty becomes more pure, red is the bride who is the touch of Oriental color, set off a red dress to the bride more beautiful.

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 Useful method to make your wedding Under My ultimate Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Vision of every woman, without exception, had their own wedding, yes, this is the life of the woman about "romantic" "Unforgettable" and other hard-ming dream come true heart of the only practice of the imagination! Marriage has long been stereotyped way that people could not get the spirit, if you want to create for yourself an unforgettable wedding, want to leave you with a better lifetime indelible impression, it's up to listen to herself suggested preparing a wedding exciting and crazy journey it!


There are 6 definitely let you marry an unexpected way, perhaps you are also a bit hesitant to stimulate shouted do not dare to try. But you know, get married once in a lifetime for a woman, to shock the world what? How do exciting adventures and can? Of the woman herself, dare not do to others so that they are enjoyable, is the only purpose!

1, a mermaid in the water, let your wedding as a romantic fairy-tale aesthetic.

In fact, many cities have emerged this form of wedding service, professional stylists and coaches to guide you in the shape of underwater action, and is responsible for the incredible beauty of the underwater photographed the wedding photo. Photos like those you can greatly Qunjiao star general flow of the water flowing dance, meandering long hair moving, as graceful and charming mermaid general, the transfer of your prince eyes, passed in silent love with each other soulful, beautiful co-staged a gentle story of a modern phone.

2, the condescending, the top of the mountain, leave your love vows.

Brilliant not just gentle enough, it can have many languages. You must not think of a few hundred meters above the ground in more than pulling away from the hustle and bustle of a high degree of turbulence can also mountain top wedding. Here with his family and closest friends to complete the sacred covenant ceremony to-day cover for the House, vistas, world best in the eyes. How big is the heart, the stage is as big, Shenxianjuanlv granted. Bold mountain wedding atmosphere, unprecedented, you can do the first ages.

3, standing in the vast sea, a lighthouse has isolated aloof and romance, set in here for life, and you vow to transcend all earthly.

If you want to temporarily leave this world quietly looking for an unknown place, only the two of you without any bother, dedicated to complete this ceremony, the lighthouse can meet all of your imagination. Standing in the vast middle of the sea vast, an oasis in a sea of ??blue, Tianshui phase but not the marginal, only the two of you heart to heart, the quiet hear any sound, only each other's breathing, heartbeat and the other said. Set for life here, and your oath has nothing to do with the world, beyond all earthly.


4, return to primitive tribes, wash ornament, itself and accept the old folk of purification and blessing.

Remember Daniel Wu and Lisa in South Africa, the enduring wedding? You must move in the share of long absence, the simple truth, witnesses and the master of ceremonies are local Aboriginal tribes, the eyes of onlookers as simple and primitive life there is no impurities. Where isolated, away from the tensions of modern civilization, and Vanity Fair. People with the most primitive way of life, and close contact with nature, dedicated to worship and stand in awe of God and faith can not be replaced. For you to use their voices vowed to accept the old folk of purification and blessing, your wedding special significance.

5, if you have a soft spot for a campaign, carrying the passion, sweat and dreams of the stadium can also be a wedding scene.

If you are sports fans, all the fans, why have to be held in the monotony of the hotel wedding? More profoundly than others, understand that you love, freedom, full of passion and dreams, sweat and tears shared with the cast of Olympic spirit. Love is life like as exciting with the spirit of sport is not their own people, where the wedding, the marriage as a game, the end in sight.

6, try to jump from the air, a sharp decline in the stimulation of pleasure in the efforts to find and hold each other hands, pure blue sky and white clouds is the most perfect natural background.

This approach is not just listen to your kind heart rate had the pleasure? Imagine, with unimaginable fast speed in the sky falling down, and instantly walk through the layers of clouds, the whirring sound of the wind in my ears, and he seems close but far away, we must grasp the direction of muscle flexibility to overcome the obstacles to real close together, common experience death in the face, can you feel it with his life and accompanied by valuable.

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 Show their own unique charm Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Many brides ask me, "I do not understand the dress, what kind of dress I wear the most appropriate?" To answer the question to consider the physical characteristics of each bride, color, hobbies, and details of wedding occasions and more. Is worth noting that to establish their own style is very important. Identify their most unique temperament, and the right way to wear out your inner charm with beautiful wedding to be expressed, so that true inner beauty of appearance with the combination, will be able to show your unique charm.

In defining the style, you must understand it in fact covers many aspects. Elegant, art, leisure and romantic, these words on behalf of occasions, mood, personality, and for such time and place the clothing type of overall impression. Each style has its own adaptation of the time, place, and we must not set their own style in a model, we must know the style of dresses for each occasion. The dress is very important to local conditions.


Elegant type of person is often described as medium build, symmetrical facial features, well-proportioned physique, and conservative attitude towards life. But some shapely, neat facial features, of medium build who is not conservative or occasionally conservative, it should not be limited to her she was not very fond of a particular style. Some other body is not very good but probably slightly higher than the average person or Lueai people, sometimes you want to or pretend to look elegant and conservative.

I think elegance is defined as: where each person according to need, must have a conservative outlook.

I gave the bride Elegant Wedding Dresses worn by models proposed are: princess, queen type, A-Line or Zhitong Qun type.

Fabric recommendations: is low-key luxury thick silk satin, delicate lace of flowers and soft flowing chiffon, silk satin smooth, smooth down and so on.



Artistic people are often described as tall and slender figure, a distinctive personal colors, angular shape, and unconventional. But it does not show a height of not less than 1.6 people have exaggerated artistic style. This is entirely up to you if the definition of "art." I think art is for all type of avant-garde can be dressed up look, no matter how her skeleton and body, as long as she wanted that look.

We define people through arts-based programming taste for the avant-garde look each person, regardless of what her frame and body, as long as she knows how to choose your own unique style of clothes. For example, we all know she's wearing LADEGAGA has been very exaggerated.

Artistic bride, I give advice: short ballet skirt, flared skirt, suits, unique design group type, such as asymmetrical design Evening Dresses .

Fabric recommended: futuristic metallic sequins, shiny coating fabrics, sequins lace fabrics, feathers, lace, real silk, organza, taffeta, net yarn .



Leisure word reminiscent of a tall, strong or robust as the athletes over there, like the casual, informal dress of the people. However, many people are born with a large frame, well built, but they like to dress formally conservative. Style should not be subject to size, each have a specific time period or how many want to wear more casual informal.

Each person in a particular time period or place are more or less want to wear casual, informal more. But for those more casual look, but lifestyle is also suitable for this type of wear, we put time, place, and character more clearly define the combined analysis of leisure people. But people must pay attention to their leisure needs in some more formal occasions or when the face of the workplace can not wear too casual.

I suggested to the casual type, even if you prefer leisure casual wear, the wedding day can not wear the grave. However, you can choose a comfortable cut style. Such as the princess, queen type, A-Line, spherical skirt .

Fabric recommended: selected very comfortable silk classes, such as flowing chiffon, satin smooth. Thin lace, organza, mesh.




Speaking of romance will be reminiscent of the lotus leaf, sequins and high heels. Everyone needed to reflect the romantic mood of clothes may vary. So everyone needs clothes reflect the romance might not be the same. Different women have different romantic. Some people just like sequins, high heels, and dress up.

I am romantic bride advice: princess, A-Line, mermaid style, flared skirt, Homecoming Dresses.

Fabric recommended: romantic lace, chiffon, silk crepe, shiny satin, sequined fabric, ostrich feather and so on.


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