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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 Raiders select massive affair content Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1 shows the strengths.

Looked good in the mirror myself and then decide what to wear his wedding suit. If you have a double leg, put the skirt shorter repair

2, allow for changes.

Do not think you can try for the first time to the perfect fit. Please a tailor or yourself. You do not have sleeves too long or because it is not suitable for skirts, and give up your favorite piece of wonderful marriage.

3, appropriate lining.

The right skirt can make you have a smooth perimeter type. Curve not only will not reduce your charm, but increase your least encouraging.

4, all white.

Really make any person of pure white pale skin. Ivory also has its weaknesses, the choice must be careful not to take too much yellow.

5 Do not be afraid patterns.

As long as you like, and choose the right size and proportion can be used, even dot or bar.

6, attention to accessories.

Shoes and jewelry to match with the overall clothing. If you particularly like a certain style, whether it is a necklace or a pair of bracelets, be careful not to let it make your dress pale. Tips herein is only one word: balance.

7, over-decorated.

If your dress decorated much simpler is the best hair. Is still the key to the balance.

8, the performance figures.

To focus on themselves, rather than the fashionable dress. As one person in charge of fashion edition, said: "To become the center of attention, not my dress!"

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 Bride-to-be wedding party apparel designed Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1, the production of ready-made wedding dress relative to the benefits of buying where?

A: The advantages of making a wedding is that you can design a suitable for your personality, shape, and taste of the wedding, you can choose the neckline, sleeves, skirt and decorative style. Thus achieved a dream wedding. Also, if you have any special requests about the clothes can also be made in the garment before. If your Party Dresses has straps and beading, then the changes will be very frequent, prices are more expensive.

2 How do I know which style suits my body shape?

A: Choose flattering style advice.

Slim-type: vertical creases with pressure, vertical fold, the front buttons, V-shaped neckline and princess seams style, looks slim slender look.

Loose: short vertical line style, width of nepotism, wide-shoulder, boat neck, low waist.

Balanced: symmetry of your body. If the lower body than the fat, then the upper body should choose clothing to get a little fat balance.

Minimize: the site for you are not satisfied with a passing, do not add any detail modifications.

Highlight: The highlight parts of your satisfaction, you can add some detail modifications.

Expose type: choose the traditional personal equipment expose your body. Hide type: Choose a more relaxed style, the fabric is more prominent, while the body can be hidden.

Rationalization: try to make clothes for your body. Select the location in the seams need to be adjusted or modified other fine style, the more detailed modifications, this clothing more suitable for you.

3, what kind of fabric is best for my wedding?

A: If you want your wedding to become a family heirloom, then you best choice silks, this elegant and luxurious fabrics, comfortable to wear. One thing you must remember: wearing pure white silk, and can not get the results, because the total a bit of cream silk appearance. If you wish to choose the fabric affordable, durable and easy to wrinkle, you can consider selecting polyester fiber fabric, they are generally characterized by: shiny, the price is relatively cheap. They are prone to wrinkle, but the price is very cheap.

4, tell me more fabric for the wedding.

A: The fabric can distinguish between their different characteristics, these characteristics include:

A, weave - smoothness or fabric quality.

B, the weight - light or heavy.

C, brightness - highlight to the light.

D, thickness - surge to six shares.

E, transparency - opaque, translucent or transparent.

F, design patterns - knitted or woven convex.

Definition: I. Outline - shape, the shape of garments, soft contours requires soft, easy to fold the fabric; straight outline requirements of a hard material.

II. Feeling - the feeling of fabric, which is a subjective judgments - and fold the fabric to see if it is suitable for design needs.

III. Warp - warp and cloth weaving side of equality, the formation of long-term material.

IV. Weft - cross through the warp to form a fabric. Weave and fiber: All fabric has two names: fiber and woven Farmington. Fiber refers to the actual composition of the fabric line. Refers to the fabric weave structure and composition.

The more popular wedding fabrics are: I. flat fabric. II. Satin fabric. III. Jacquard fabric.

5, how to select the drag skirt length?

A: The start mopping the floor skirt from the waist, shawl skirt to shoulder the beginning, drag the longer skirt, looks more formal.

A, The Royal dragging skirts - 3 yards long from the waist started.

B, Cathedral drag skirt - from the waist started 5 / 2 yard.

C, Chapel drag skirt - starting from the waist 5 / 3 yards long.

D, drag skirt - to 1-foot trailer.

E, mopping the floor skirt - symbolically onto the ground.

6, if I choose a long skirt dragging in the conference, how do I deal with it?

A: The delay in the White Flower Girl Dresses can be sewn directly can also be split. Can be used at the reception received a number of ways with a good drag dress. These methods include the waist with a small hook on the other, sewing buttons or tie ribbons circle, they can help close a good drag skirt, skirt peripheral attachments you can receive a wedding outside the trailer, equipped with accessories can be close to the wedding dress in drag at the waist.

7, I should choose to wear what at the wedding hair style?

A: 1) headband - choose according to the bride's head-shaped narrow headband, medium or wide headband headband.

2) Corolla / garland - garland can be placed back of the head, flat on the top of the head or across the forehead.

3) branched decorations - flowers and so on.

4) thin hood - or mesh hood parquet can be fixed with a hairpin or comb.

5) Hair - placed the king on the head or eyebrow hair coronal loop.

8, usually how long veil bride?

A: 1) face / cheek / shoulder length veil - the veil of this type are not alone, they are generally associated with the length of the other, are generally used for semi-formal and formal weddings.

2) The elbow length veil - the veil for this type of short informal wedding.

3) fingertip length veil - touch to your fingertips, such a veil for the semi-formal and formal weddings.

4) Ballet / Waltz length veil - a veil to the knee, for a formal wedding.

5) drag to long veil - a veil Luedao ground, for a formal wedding.

6) The chapel length veil - a veil mopping the floor about 3.5 feet, often layered with other short yarn, which is used semi-formal wedding and formal wedding.

7) The cathedral length veil - a veil, only for a formal wedding, which requires the delay length skirt is also a cathedral, and it requires mopping the floor length skirt drag more than 1 foot.

8) Royal length veil - it is also required or the length of the delay with Black Junior Bridesmaid Dresses. Drag it to the Royal-dragging over the length of about 5 feet long skirt.

9, I should choose for my veil what kind of edging?

A: 1) thick trim - not completed or modified - can be cut to the desired size of tissue, and let the edge of nature without modification, the tissue will not loose line.

2) narrow trim / edging rolling - three narrow woven fine line to outline the edge of the veil.

3) The tail trim - sewing around the edge of the veil, satin cord.

4) parquet trim - in the veil edge of the sewing circle neat parquet.

5) satin velvet or grosgrain ribbon.

6) Pearl - can be sewn around the edge of the veil Hsiao beads.

7) satin velvet trim - a week in the veil sewn slash.

10 How do I choose tailoring?

A: You need to carefully choose a tailor to make you feel comfortable - she can help you achieve your creative, when you decide to make wedding, the same talk with people you know. To the local fabric store to see if they have the right tailor, to your friends and family for advice, tailor shop around carefully.

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 Big event dresses and photography must-read Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 



I believe that most girls have dreamed of since childhood transformed into a beautiful fairy tale princess and the prince lived happily ever after. Once in a lifetime wedding, it becomes a realization of the dream stage. To make his audience on this day to become the most dazzling princess, pick a dress suitable to him is the top priority, the choice of dress materials and styles but also according to the season of marriage, the wedding's style is different, in the shooting Mei Mei the wedding front, we might do first point of homework, so romantic wedding into a lifetime of sweet memories.

Generally, the major professional bridal style is more complete, of course, can ask friends with experience recommended. After the selected bridal salon trust, then we should pick for their own dress style. The right Homecoming Dresses can highlight personal qualities, whether classical or avant-garde, chic or sexy, selecting the right temperament for the body and dress styles can be set off, not only to show the elegant atmosphere, you can also modify shortcomings. In addition to style preferences, the proposal will be selected body feature into consideration, so that the perfect body is more confident, wear clothing with the bonus effect of dress.

Body characteristics: poor lower body lines
Recommended models: skirt style, and then lower than the natural waist for a passport size, can be used to cover the full hips and more fat part, or A-line skirt type, so that figure to look slim and achieve visual modification effect, should avoid fish tail skirt style design.

Body characteristics: lower abdomen or waist coarse prominent
Recommended models: choose the style waist inverted triangular design, or Evening Dresses, the visual focus of metastasis.

Body characteristics: coarse arm
Proposed models: the design style for a shawl to avoid too thin strap dress, so stark contrast.

Body features: thin body
Recommended models: Avoid too low cut or exposed high style, suitable for high style collar, long sleeves, multi-level or with Victorian style dress.

Body characteristics: upper body is too full
Recommended models: simple and elegant style or strapless cut, Beach Wedding Dresses to avoid the selection, but highlighted the shortcomings.

Style chosen, the dress is a very important part of fitting, in addition to determining the appropriateness of the overall shape and determine the gestures feel at ease and comfortable, the performance of the wedding day in order to appropriate and elegant and moving. Try, first note that the full dress must meet the parts of the body size, such as chest, waist or hips, and then look at other parts of the appropriateness, or consider choosing slightly larger dress size, do local modifications. Dress fitting that day, of course, you can find several sisters went to Amoy to provide comments, suggestions please provide impartial advice to friends and relatives, accompanied by, or if your preferences and understand the advantages and disadvantages to a thorough enough, the day, different voices and opinions will not only cause confusion, or even exhausted, there may be nothing.

Dress selected, the final fitting to note the following points:

First, view the hair, necklaces, accessories and shoes, and dress with whether.

Second, try to sit down, Arm Lift, bend over, hugged and turns, to determine whether the dress fit and freedom of movement to maintain good posture.

Third, try to feel it wearing a dress too hot or too cold when the skirt standing in a long time under the weight of the ease tired. Finally, double-check dresses and some contact with the skin is smooth not scratch the skin.

When signing a contract, be sure to pay attention to wedding companies on every standard contract a provision agreed upon amount and number of groups, dress and style of the cycle of songs, photos, degree of processing, in addition, need to pay special attention to raw footage of the film issue, for example, will made directly into the phase of the raw footage, in principle, should not be allowed. Confirmation of the problem, who must add the book written in the contract and asked the contractor who signed to take responsibility.

Picture day, should communicate in advance with the photographer, including the choice of location, or with other props. Selection of photos, bridal salon will usually increase in the next election urging photos in order to increase revenue and results, if that has caused problems, may require in a quiet environment. Take films, be sure to check the number of negatives the number of sheets and raw footage, whether recorded in such contracts, if any breach of the Agreement, shall be field without hesitation to challenge, if not satisfied with the quality of the phase, refuse to pay the balance due should be to protect their own interests.

To master these basic principles, and then refer to the professional advice bridal salon, I believe we can have an enjoyable shooting experience, but also left a beautiful figure.

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 Who go with you to pick wedding Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Select Quinceanera Dresses but a top priority for the bride! So, you should go with some other selected wedding, or is this to get their own? In fact, depending on you are not a strong-minded bride. Well, do the following test to do with it!


Rash impulsive bride

Your mind is very active, is a very independent man, very good at acting independently, but can sometimes be too hasty, and will often regret their decision, people feel you have some rash and unreliable; distress may wish to stop and careful consideration about making a decision.

For some of you, the impulse, the selection of wedding Do not look for too many people go, because when we all views, the impatient will start to upset you, so easily caught a rush on the final decisions, even to the last you do not want to dress up this look like what is! Therefore, you must find one of the most understanding, and a clear sense of the female Xiang Pei, iron can be your best girlfriends; it can be your dear mother, of course, the most important is that you had enough trust in her, and to listen to her views. Remember also called on to your other half, although his opinion you can not adopt, but for him, to pick with you is the most important wedding. In fact, when you ask him: "My dear, this good?", He would sincerely feel for you there is a sense of great! So as to reflect your respect for him, so he complained about the wedding: "Oh! God, you never told me that you chose such a wedding!", Of course, choose the wedding and your feel for the extent of the process.

Type the bride calm and decisive

You are good at thinking, and able to judge the people around you what proposal is useful, in dealing with the various decisions in life you are everything, although there have been mistakes, but you can always learn from mistakes. We all trust you, that you are a reliable person.

You can think calmly and independently selected their favorite wedding, but to face this important decision, you would like to hear the opinions of others, and learn their views of the bright spot. Suggest you go look at wedding custom shop page, or go to the bridal salon to a turn, pick out some favorite Black Junior Bridesmaid Dresses style, the picture to take home to your parents, husband sharing, patient and tell them you love What, what is your favorite style, and let them talk about their ideas, which will make them feel that you really care about their views and be able to let them feel the joy of participation. Imagine if you had to choose the right Special Occasion Dresses, your parents will think they missed the daughter of an important decision in life, and your other half will think you denied him the opportunity to play a creative aesthetic. In fact, involved for them is more important than the final result - of course, you are really a very clear what they want, and then only need to ask them a "or this style for me?", The last as you are want to do it to ok.

Type indecisive bride

Your mind is very delicate, so always in distress after thinking, always rely on the opinions of others to make decisions, people around that you really do not assertive. Cautious style although you can so you will not regret the decision because of a rash, but the lukewarm personality but it will affect your decision-making capacity.

Select the face of this big wedding, you will feel great mental stress, at this time, often hesitant desire most is your opinions and judgments of others! However, if the people around them disagree, you will become a loss. Therefore, you need a professional advice: first, to the newly married friends through consultation and online survey, the selection of a good reputation, reliable custom wedding shop, and then and your family came to this store, it is recommended by your peers They wait in this, either let them know the store's style has used to help you with your idea that they can avoid interference to your judge, you have to be completed independently of one to one communication with the designer, let her fully understand your body, temperament characteristics, so that gives you some design proposals targeted to help you find the best wedding a program or several. Identify several programs, remember to wait a long time people look at home, so that designers look at their views, and to her aesthetic vision of professional to help you finalize the program. Of course, all this is based on 100% trust your designer.

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 The selection of the groom's tie Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Sight fashion bride and groom! Brides can not just focus on your thinking very hard how to forget Banmei around Mr. Right! Equipment must not underestimate the groom, in addition to a handsome dress, the tie is one of the essential accessories. Now teach you choose the right temperament to tie the performance of the groom, let it be with the soul of dress!



Tie Color:

Colors can be divided into conventional tie pale color, dark or bright color, darker color and so on. In the grand wedding, the groom usually choose black, blue, gray, white suit, new tie colors to choose from high-profile a little bit saturated colors, such as red, green and blue, so Stern, are commonly used in wedding color. Red people feel happy, hot, love; green energy, long-term, peaceful feeling; blue subtle, elegant and deep.

Tie patterns:

In plain, stripes, spot patterns, lattice, geometry, patterns and other types of tie pattern, the point pattern and plain tie are very suitable for wedding occasion, the groom is suitable to use pedantic point density patterns on the thickness; and standards plain revealing stable, balanced, elegant feeling. In addition, the dots represent admiration, as a wedding design more sweet flavor.


In all silk, polyester, blended, wool, cotton and other fabrics used in the tie, silk is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice of wedding tie. Tie structure is divided into surface, the liner 3, the most important surface and lining. Good lining, can fully protect the precious and delicate set off a special fabric, the choice of the time have great attention. In the spring and summer into the wedding hall of the groom are suitable for use silk or linen texture of the tie, can be fully revealed the exquisite sense of the pursuit of quality of life.

Bow Tie:

Compared and tie, bow ties are not that many rigid and some more fun and learn the inside of Gossip Girl Chuck Bass, catch up with the Philippe Lim and Band of Outsiders out of the new breed of classic American style locomotive fashion, to make a preppy bridegroom it!

1 sense of power and groom:

Broad shoulders, angular face of the groom.

COMSO Bride Recommended choices: that when the men in the choice of tie is no need to rigidly adhere to the popular patterns and colors. Silk gloss, clear cutting geometry, background and color contrast patterns in ties to the big man to show your good qualities, if you choose soft little dot patterns, you can choose a larger dot.

DO NOT: mixed color, the pattern is not clear tie

Standard tie length is generally 140 cm, length bias is about 10 cm, width of 7 to 10 cm. More and more popular this season tie narrow line width of 4 to 5 cm. The time of purchase to choose according to their appropriate size, the general standard is the department after the tie finished, tie the bottom of the right in the belt buckle. In a tie, remember tie knot should not be too tight or too loose Department, in particular, is worth noting that after the end of play, be sure to tighten up, tie knot should be a slight tilt. To remind myself taut tie, can not withhold the first tablets shirt buttons to turn the tie around the collar pull joined together, and this is also the practices of the Europeans.




Square knot: The most common line method, bow tie for a variety of materials on both sides of the bottom of the pit to the formation of uniform and symmetric.

Cross-junction: the Department of Law to date colors and patterns for a simple point, the material thin tie.

Double Cross Results: The most wedding-line (for use on formal occasions) should be more use of the bow tie and silk tie in the plain, if the shirt with big lapels and a kind of honor for not only the flu.

Double-loop knot: the young fashion-line will play the first lap outside of the second lap a little exposed, do not deliberately covered.

Windsor knot: invented by the Duke of Windsor, suitable for wide-collar shirt, the tie should be more to the horizontal development. Material too thick to avoid a tie, bow ties have not played too large.


Tie wire is inclined 45 ° was cut, and it can avoid the ugly when fastening the lock or fold. Therefore, testing the merits of tie, the first is easy to see whether the effect fastening lock, and secondly, not being inclined to see cutting wire (from the sharp corners of the pattern edge and tie it to the parallel, we can see whether the positive diagonal wire cutting, which The most obvious point striped tie), lining is docile.

In each of the groom wore a white shirt who are very good, suitable for all occasions, and will not be out of date, it and all kinds of lively colors or tie with bold patterns are good. Timeless fashion with a white or light blue shirt with a bright color or pattern of the tie.

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