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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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No one is born Meirenpeizai or standard coat hanger and takes the mirror, hardly anyone out for himself; how to choose what the dress, can learn from each other? Through professional stylist make fun of, you will be refreshing!

"High" Ya purer height bride to choose the Homecoming Dresses style elegance, texture fit the style is appropriate; and if you choose sleeve dress in hand can be more accessories, such as rings, bracelets and more to add bright, festive feeling. Tall, narrow tilting wedding the bride is more suitable, because those tall narrow design makes tilting even more slender, delicate, effete elegance, and can fully demonstrate its body lines.

"Dwarf" little tender and petite, should be a simple, Beach Wedding Dresses design-based models. Pendulum-style long after the wedding, because of its effect back extension, so that the proportion of short stature who have a visual effect of elongated, malleable. The Sleeves are three-dimensional floral design and arc-type breast line design, the full number of those petite; and jewelry with the Yiyi elegant pearl necklace, earrings combination.

"Fat" dignitaries gas chubby bride to wish to select type of dark lines and solid hard saturation of the Simple Wedding Dresses material, such as red gold and white round bottle-style dress, saturated colors and hard material, the effect of a contraction, so round fat can also show the curvy bride's appearance and noble qualities; in the mix of accessories, the earrings to a long vertical type, facial lines can be stretched.


"Thin" out of thin body style of the bride, more skinny, chest and waist line area more obvious, so select the dress should be stressed that these two parts of the lines increased. Fold-style circle skirt stripes, body lean of the bride, should be chosen to design the main stripes, and fold-processing style, increasing the visual sense of expansion and saturation effects.

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Marriage is a lifetime event, each couple is really looking forward to a grand and warm atmosphere, step on the red carpet the other end. A little more imagination and ingenuity, you can have a romantic and memorable wedding. Think about the fun filled with lively festive atmosphere of a wedding banquet, in addition to people pleasing, but also can share your joy and wonder and win the applause of the guests attending. So, whether it is ready to take over or commissioned by friends and relatives packed wedding hall, banquet rooms, and may wish to advance a little more communication in order to present the best outlook.

Below, small suggestion to you, if you can pay attention to every detail, I believe your wedding is the most beautiful!

Floral Design

Wedding flowers are indispensable in supporting roles, often used to decorate arches, walkways, escalators, viewing stand, and even on the table has a beautiful flower tables, so guests enjoy a romantic dining atmosphere. General wedding flowers will be used mostly roses, lilies are mostly light pink color Zeyi main, or big brightly colored red. Now there are many new people to try a white wedding flowers to decorate the venue, are very highly.


As colorful balloons, quirky style has recently also become a popular wedding venue props. And its affordable price, after the wedding so guests can also take away, can be said that host and the guest thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In addition to balloons used to decorate picture frames, arches, but also can do the design with flowers, but also made the cartoon character balloons and groom, the bride and flower girl's style, input on fun and creativity. If the couple want to create some of the wedding during the climax of the balloon can also be used to make blasting effect.

Beautiful wedding

Put one or two of your favorite wedding photos placed in the wedding hall to enlarge the entrance, in addition to envy you both are "perfect match" natural one outside, it is important to tell guests not to the wrong place, of course, let alone a red envelope sent to the wrong place.

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Many brides will have, and I may be the same problems: After the wedding, my wedding collection is intended lifetime, but how can we save the good? What a headache it! Finally collected the following content to share with the sisters, if we have any better way we can discuss ah.

Buy a home wedding, after the wedding, it should be carefully hidden in the bottom, save my life. However, if you entrust it easily on the streets of small laundries, may regret it for life - for maintenance and other precious wedding clothes very different. But as long as a few tips to master their own cleaning, preservation wedding is not difficult.

First, the time of purchase must ask, what is the Quinceanera Dresses material, attached to small beads, what is particular about a small flash chip, under normal circumstances, the owner will be all you know, laid to rest.

Wash wedding, wet cleaning is the key, because the small wedding decorations, such as beaded trim, can not withstand the erosion of dry cleaning chemicals, the best method is to mix into a modest wedding, neutral detergent in water, soak for a while, it can be washed the dinner wine, Hun and other stains left behind, more bubbles for a while, even the invisible stains such as perspiration, wine stains can be removed.

Wedding wash, dry thoroughly, you can collect up to store in a cool dry place, such as a closet or under the bed. Remember, do not hang up the wedding, because, the older the course of time, so point vertical component of the wedding will have power, stretching or even tearing the skirt body.

There are two small problems to be mentioned: First, be sure to wash your hands before collection of wedding, do not glue cosmetics, or over time, there will be a small yellow spot on the wedding; there, the big Special Occasion Dresses hoop can be reversed up collection, but every year Fanshai clothes, hoop skirt to restitution, lest it loses its elasticity.

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The origin of evening

The famous fashion guru Pierre Cardin has said: When you think of Louis XV dynasty, the basket lined skirt dress rings will emerge in front of the image, designed to shape the contours of the Party Dresses ring is perhaps the From simple to extravagant a signal.

Let us look at the eighteenth and nineteenth century French literature: We Balzac, Hugo, Maupassant and other critical realism in the works of writers are often able to feel the extravagance of the French high society social occasions, many of them Women have a description for evening wear, it is easy to imagine this evening for the evening social activities for the extravagant luxury clothing at a time by the social circles of Paris spread out to the. In China's traditional costumes and evening wear, the concept is not, however, under the influence of western culture, evening gradually appeared in the white, small, subtle oriental woman's life, designers are also on the characteristics of oriental women, continue to introduction of evening wear designed specifically for their work.

Tips for selection of evening

The movie is always dressed in evening gowns and gentlemen beauty and went out on a grand reception, ornate Opera House or enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, invisible, evening seems to be difficult to match the luxury. In fact, by no means out of reach evening, just know how to choose according to their own characteristics suitable evening, you also can make their own charm and moving!

Prom Dresses Points

Remember: black, strapless, plunging to the ground in the evening is never outdated style  If you are unsure how to choose the evening for a moment, then black is the right of the selection. If you choose the strapless evening gown, then the best hair pulled high, loose hair down again even if the hair itself is wonderful, but also because of obscuring the point of the eye at the evening - at the neck design unoriginal. For a young woman is concerned, may be expensive fur shawls and jewelry is not for you, simple style but will highlight your sun, outspoken personality.

We can integrate into the evening in a variety of elements, detailed flower or butterfly patterns, all kinds of folding fabrics, beautiful beading and sequins, plus fine embroidered fringed shawl, you can make subtle expression their difference.

The tone is always elegant evening wear, and avoid too many accessories, because that will make you look like a material girl.

Several occasions with evening

Concert and Opera House: Concert at the scene and into the Opera House, the best to wear Evening Dresses, silk fibers make music for music's reflection of the effect is more Zhuyuanyurun. Business Reception: Deep V-neck gown unique elegant, simple design, but the publicity sub-gorgeous little more appropriate for evening wear.

Informal Dinner: formal evening gown for a grand dinner party, sexy, if you like to become the public focus to extravagant, black dress fell to the ground the atmosphere of the best grand costume.

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Set style
Pick the wedding dress before the wedding season, first determine the location, because the style of wedding to be coordinated with the wedding. If the wedding is very stylish, you can choose avant-garde wedding dress; big scene if it is solemn, classical or extravagant wedding is a good choice; if in a rural, garden wedding, you can wear light and lively style.

Do homework
Subscriptions to various magazines, or the bride's wedding website frequented around, collect some of your favorite wedding pictures, and make notes, select the most desirable style and plate. And the exchange of wedding consultants or designers to bring these images when, can help you more clearly express their ideas.

The bride's Quinceanera Dresses and other wedding accessories to account for 5% -10% the cost is appropriate. If the budget is relatively well-off, he can customize a wedding the most desirable. If the budget is limited to a bridal salon or studio rental is also good, save a small fortune in costs.

Select Location
Generally, the major professional bridal salon in wedding styles, good quality, more professional designers, but the price is quite expensive, priced from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars range; small workshop is the more independent wedding individuality and creativity, customer requirements can also be customized according to Special Occasion Dresses, a few hundred dollars in price there are many choices.

Early start
If you want custom-made wedding, preferably 3 to 6 months in advance starting the selection, design a wedding dress because it takes about 1-2 months, and wedding at the latest 1 month before the wedding get our hands on, so easy nuances at the changes.

Looking for staff
Be sure to choose wedding with a staff, she could be your mother, you can be friends, know what is best for you, but be sure to note the following two points: first, to ensure that she will not impose your own views ; second, can not let the number of staff also accompany you choose wedding, because their preferences may vary, you will feel at a loss.

Select style
Wedding must be based on shape selection to choose their own style. First went to bridal salon, you can in several basic styles and find a try, and soon will be able to find what they are most suitable for the basic models. Set the basic style, it has to the collar, sleeves and skirt the design of carefully selected, refer to the online experience sharing, select the most suitable for their own wedding.

Watch size
If the wedding is not custom-made, the choice depends on whether it is the first fullest parts of your body size, such as chest, waist or hips. In addition, slightly larger is appropriate to select wedding, after all, easier piecemeal.

Experts believe
To be good at communicating with wedding consultants and designers, because they have a wealth of professional experience. Sometimes you may be surprised on their opinions, but consider carefully what you will find, the experts recommended the wedding really is for you.

Would like to try
When trying on wedding should note the following: wear all kinds of accessories, to see if coordinated with your wedding; try to do sit down, lifter arm, turned, hugging etc, and to determine whether the wedding and you move freely always maintain good posture; consider wearing it will feel too hot or too cold; feel the weight of the skirt, across the long standing wedding weight may make you feel tired; check whether the smooth parts of the dress will be will not scratch the skin. In addition, in order to maintain a dignified image of the bride, White Wedding Dresses do you bow action, if gone, will need to collar Shoulong point.

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