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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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Warm lighting, beautiful posture, retro dress. What impressed people more than this scene? Wedding style in the last century, there are many people fascinated the type of cell elements can draw inspiration, and design into a new wedding dress, so Xiaobian take you with me to watch.

Shoulder Dance
Asymmetrical design lingering down from the shoulder, back around the waist Bow National Cheng Kung University, filling the full sense. Made no entry into veil skirt, thin tail hanging down along, such as the noble princess back to the 19th century modern.

80's rock and roll cone bra Madonna is despised as "immoral." Today, the deconstruction of underwear with the design of flu wedding, they are distinct geometric sculpture bust. With asymmetrical chiffon Party Dresses rough, breathtakingly elegant breath.

Cage yarn around neck
Spring breeze rippled like chiffon fabric, if not the double-stranded like spaghetti straps, ultra-low-cut neckline design with 70 shining Fan of children underground dance accessories, so this style is full of delight. Soft curls makes long thin neck with a looming, adds mystery.

Pretty Morden Mother Of Bride Groom Dresses with dazzling strap high heels, memorable 40's classic silhouette, the figure immediately came back to Monroe each audience in mind. Innocent face, sexy body, with a playful sense of knee-length wedding, people resist.


Straight Prom Dresses
Lingge upper radial line pattern skirt with a large number of beaded decorative glow shimmer Lian Lian, crop appears to be simple and smooth, but full of effort, high waist and prominent women's soft Bai Zhequn sense of place, re- century, 20 years on the interpretation of the neutral prom dresses.

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 Find the perfect bridesmaid dress up Raiders Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A couple hand in hand into the church, and instantly attract the audience's focus, however, we will find next to the bridesmaids at the bride, the wedding is also an important role in the non-or less. Because of the special significance of this role, the bride usually invite their closest sisters to accompany yourself in this life, the most important ceremony. If you have been invited to be her maid of honor, the honor of the remainder would be ready, especially ready to give their bridesmaids a line with the identity of the first line.


Bridesmaids wear scene

Usually in the wedding ceremony, the couple will be wearing Homecoming Dresses, so as to accompany the bride's maid of honor around, in order to better harmonize with the new best and more formal dress, or skirt. Wedding ceremony, the bride will choose the general Western and Chinese at least two sets of dress, there will be more festive red color. Usually require only a bridesmaid dress can be, and style to be generous, not cumbersome. Bridesmaid dresses should not choose the colors red and black, but should choose soft colors, such as: pink, orange, champagne, pearl and so on. Bridesmaid dress to buy time to avoid, their Beach Wedding Dresses can not be too fancy, grab the bride's thunder. Always remember, the day the real protagonist is the bride, bridesmaid's work is new service. In addition, the bridesmaid's work very hard, to accompany the bride to walk around, busy. Therefore, the choice of shoes, not shoes face too tight, too small heel shoes, comfortable decent enough.



Where can I buy bridesmaids dresses

Newest Simple Wedding Dresses will be released next March, but still popular this year are just over the knee length to mesh with satin and made of soft, simple and lively style mini dress. This dress by Tee and suspenders for the general style, decorated with small beads or tassels, colors, focus on the pale, soft colors, light champagne and roses between the red and purple in between are the kind of light pink very fashionable color.

Bridesmaid field work manual:

1, the wedding, the groom design some small obstacles can not do anything, let the bride and groom picked up easily;

2, ready to remind the new (or new to help keep good) ring, marriage certificate and so on ,and help the baseball field at the ceremony ring pillow;

3, ready to follow the bride around, help the bride to organize makeup and clothing and calm the tension in the bride;

4, in the ceremony to help newcomers to take, send something for the couple to maintain good posture;

5, the shuttle Presiding over Wedding Ceremony at the ceremony, witnesses, guests on behalf of, their parents and other guests came to power.

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 Legislations in the bridegroom costume with the excellent Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Shoes and socks - should be a more conventional black and brown shoes, the style atmosphere selected according to usage; socks and pants should generally be the same color as a ceremonial occasion shall be black socks, white socks should generally be avoided (unless it is white pants , white shoes).

We always used to the bride as the protagonist of the wedding, as both the bride wedding dress, makeup or jewelry jewelry are of concern, but you know, the groom's dress with equally exquisite. The saying goes, success depends on details, the groom dress accessories are many, vests, harnesses, as well as the most beautiful corsage, in short, the election of the accessories, the groom suddenly increased with temperament, as well as new shoes clean and do not effect. Handsome groom will be the focus of the wedding as the bride you will not know the truck it happy.

Groom suit:

tie - the first advice is: engaged in leadership and business people should always wear a tie, because the tie is "respect, trust, culture," the symbol. Second should be appropriate to choose the tie. Ties of the length, width has some stress, but the material and color, the pattern is the most important. More formal and business activities should not wear high fiber and rough work, tie thin materials; first color and a single tie-dyed pattern, the general should be blue, brown, maroon, gray tie, the summer works are light gray and white ties, followed by a dark background works obliquely, and more regular dot pattern tie.

Tie the general matching principle should coat the same color or have the same color components, so that more harmonious, decent, dignified; also can coat contrast color, feel young, lively number; should focus on shirts, jackets, ties associated accessories.


Shirt - General preferred international white, light blue, medium blue color shirt. Easier than the selection of white stripes, plaid shirt, a strong business sense; dark shirt and shirt pattern is generally not suitable for formal events and advanced business activities. Only in a more relaxed, casual atmosphere, and can choose when and young people such party shirt; shirt collar character large gas collar, pointed collar are more delicate, but it depends on what was popular collar.

Color - dark suits preferred formal occasions (such as black, dark blue, dark gray), followed by the gray, brown and hidden bars. Young people or want to easily and leisure some of the people, consider these options pale in color, such as beige, light gray, striped, with Check or single coat; even in dark suits, as long as the proper accessories can also show a relaxed atmosphere, If tie pattern brightly, with ring wear ties and striped shirts, plaid shirt, no tie and so on.

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 Sexy ebony lace wedding gown Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Black Lace has always been seen as a sexy word that the following set of black lace wedding dress is composed of very wonderful design, the beauty of the bride dress with lace together, radiates a charming taste.


Sexy black lace Quinceanera Dresses designers are used as the design of materials used in the wedding, so that different lace patterns, so that the Ministry of the bride dress, black lace As so monotonous, the large Chinese characteristics, and black peony bud silk combined together, the bride has been added in addition to an elegant and sexy.


Lace Evening Dresses were innovative in the interpretation of the designers enjoy, this black lace dress the bride will have a Chinese flavor and lace dress style combined with a different interpretation of the taste, the bride's flower head black lace decorated monotonous increase of dynamic color.

Special Occasion Dresses with a fringed black lace and sequins ornament the two, so that the bride wearing a black lace dress with a bohemian flavor, waist design allows the bride's waist perspective looked very graceful, the bride body set off even more perfect.



Black lace with a Western style wedding dress, collar package design, silk fabrics and lace waist combined materials will be designed to the bride that thick feminine fully unfolded. Waist silk fabric is a pink peony highlight of the whole dress.

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 Lily blossoming woman wedding manner Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The bride in a white wedding day to show his elegant white wedding, the bride out of the beautiful full bloom, white became the preferred color of the bride Party Dresses. The bride wore a white dress in different styles is also exhibited by the different feel.



Skirt length and manner, the same spread as the umbrella skirt of the wedding, the temptation the heart of every woman, no woman can withstand the temptation wedding. Each woman had a dream doing all sorts of different wedding, each bride to be married are looking forward to Morden Mother Of Bride Groom Dresses from the bottom of my heart the moment.



Sexy and elegant silk material with personal style design wedding the bride's graceful figure out the perfect show. Long tail of the type of wedding design is only suitable for tall bride, the bride is not suitable for small Jiao.

The bride as beautiful as the princess wedding, the bride's body set off a very beautiful, like a skirt hem is folded design,Bra-style wedding in front of the bride's graceful design will figure out the perfect show.



Sexy Bra-style white Prom Dresses design, this dress feels very elegant, slightly trailing the wedding design is a flower-like hollow at the bottom of embroidery designs, will change the whole wedding was exquisite, full of deep flavor of a woman

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