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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 Trends of 2012 is still beautiful wedding accessories Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wedding jewelry is an integral part of modeling, from the hair, necklaces, earrings to bracelets, carefully selected the best match with the wedding accessories for the bride to add a touch of style and gorgeous shine. Xiao Bian wedding from New York Fashion Week this season, the most impressive selection of accessories for your wedding shines new season.

Noble sense of the crown
Each girl has a princess dream. Crown molding is the most popular elements of the bride, it can add to any wedding a royal aristocratic temperament.

Sense of weight necklace
Choose a necklace, both sparkling and exaggerated it, even the simple moment of modern wedding design is also up.

Elegant Pearl
No more elegant than pearl jewelry, and this season will be made this modern bridal jewelry to modify the traditional, multi-layered, and the crystal with the design, so Pearl jewelry fresh with new light.

Crystal Belt
T stage is the emergence of new season trend in the wedding of a crystal belt is designed to increase the sparkle in the bride, and a removable crystal can also be used in your belt another skirt.

Flower hair
To bring the natural beauty of the flowers in full bloom, choose a bright color, whether you are the first flowers, or elegant white hair, the flowers are to create a better choice for modeling.

Exaggerated bracelet
Select wide bracelet is so stylish, light shining in the wrist, if you have a flashing wide bracelet, necklace that you do not need enough to shine.

New use of lace tulle
Woman Ailei Si and tulle, and the season of lace, tulle made us a new use of pleasantly surprised. If you choose this Vera Wang, with a?? Big tulle flowers as hair; or you can decorate with lace like Rivini this neck.

Sense of gloves lady
Reem Acra temptation to make this season the Red Chinese bride excited, red has always been the traditional Chinese wedding colors, it gives us inspiration Xianqi with full, red gloves, bare-color lace, crown, try a combination of these elements it .
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 Create a top destination wedding Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

   Fashion Bridesmaid Dresses

Seems not so hard to organize a wedding reception guests two hundred people, including seven bridesmaids and six groomsmen, a photographer, a DJ and two mothers, arrange for them to get away Chihaohehao! However, if the wedding is the place thousands of miles away from home at it (a small matter may become complicated)? Perhaps no one agree with your crazy ideas, and no one makes you take a ride, but you chosen to stick to their own ideas. Yes, watching you with love became a destination wedding tips, you must be able to sit back and relax!

Married to grasp the detailed information as soon as possible

Preparing as soon as possible. After all, other than long-distance off-site wedding wedding planning more complicated. Need to stay organized, planned every detail. Personally inspected before the trip, should also be investigated by telephone to finalize matters. Upon arrival do not dawdle, delay time, the need to things to do with that person all set to see Caixing. Compared with the local couples, and you have to spend twice as much energy and time arrangements.

Long-range decision-making power to inspire

For the good times of stress. So you can understand: you can not always just sort out their own ideas, hesitant. You have to work within a strict time frame, and requires you to make decisions quickly. You will find, if you give yourself a weekend to find a wedding location, you can find. Long-range decision-making power can inspire you.

Homecoming Dresses

Commissioned a friend to help

If you trust the person can take the initiative to lend a hand to help you share some responsibilities and obligations would be better. If they will also appear in the wedding scene, when they can perform their duties. Any of their fresh ideas and opinions you may wish to consider. Each bridesmaid also shoulder their responsibilities are: who can help in finding a Florist, you can do a DJ, who can be your photographer.

Fashion Bridesmaid Dresses

The wedding must be carefully prepared products

Organizing a wedding is essential to prepare a lot of things, such as guest book, bridesmaid gifts, wedding shoes and so on. If you want all the items are in place for a wedding is not easy to do, so it is best to abandon the idea. Contractors with the wedding of your last meeting, with some things to help save them. Also looking for your family such as your aunt, in-laws to help you share save some. In short you in advance with a thing of the past, the more you would not be close to the wedding this week distracted. Required before the wedding all the things listed in a list, there is necessary to note.

In this package to provide you with a tip, no matter what you buy you have to pack to take home. However, make sure to make your wedding enough space. If you received a lot of wedding gifts, ask your folks to help you take home after your honeymoon to take or send them back.

Many people will give you Giving money, cash direct it up, but if it is a gift to other heavy metals such as gold and so have to make their preparations early.

The end of the sound of a perfect wedding praise

 Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Off-site preparation for such a wedding, you may consume twice as much time and effort. Bride wig booked in advance and cosmetics, to study, you were holding the wedding in advance of the city. The groom it, do not forget to leave home before the haircut yo. No matter how many nods of approval for your wedding how well organized, you must really want to hear, "You look so beautiful!".
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 You know how to choose the bride wedding ring it? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Small number of people in trouble after marriage, the wedding ring into the safe, but most people would choose to wear it for life are, so choose a wedding ring, you must pay attention to their style, to select some resistance and concise view, should not be over-exaggerated, whether to attend any occasion, wear any clothes, can costume.

Wedding ring engagement ring and wedding ring sub-two, the former majority inlaid with precious stones, various gems have different meaning, as follows:

Diamond: a symbol of constancy

Ruby: a symbol of passion

Pearl: a symbol of elegance

As for the wedding ring, inlaid with precious stones of the type of option, may purchase light body style, but bear in mind that prefer large and small abandoned, to be generous elegant, comfortable and useful, engaging and simple, is to buy wedding rings of the three tips.

As for the wedding ring of the material, do not use gold or gold-plated package, or give people the children play and not a serious feeling. Should use gold or platinum (in gold-based), but platinum is more rare than gold, the price than gold. Pure Platinum is the PT950, the purity of 95%. In general, the shiny silver and platinum silver color similar, but platinum is more glossy, and hardly scratched, the hardness is much higher than silver, precious stone with it, higher durability than gold, in particular, Mosaic colorless diamonds, diamond can shine bright.



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 Sweet spring to do the most charming bride Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Spring in March, the weather gradually gets warmer, this season, but also new people for a wedding season. The selection of a temperament to your sweet necklace to be more persuasive. Flower shape, Agate Crystal, alloy decoration, Which best meet our sweet brides temperament? Come and take a look at it, pick a necklace for his temperament, to do the most fascinating sweet spring bride.

Full of colorful spring-like color of the petals, the sweet feeling of gently rocking. Sleek and smooth pearl, more delicately soft and shiny, luxurious style design, with your good mood.

Black onyx, white crystal cross ornaments connected with the alloy, giving the visual impact, the mysterious exotic charm to your imagination, you can adjust the length of black tape, with different styles of outfits.

Highlights dotted dress! With agate, turquoise, and beautiful flowers and other elements of production design, elegant and lovely, emitting a delicate and elegant atmosphere, set off the women's charming temperament, this season will not fade into the landscape!

Alloy powder and elegant decoration with irregular mix synthesis of small pendants, elegant and fresh, feminine.

Artificial flowers, white glass pearls and interior dress worn by long chain displayed the noble and generous, colorful decorative glass in the double random alloy chain, small size of a butterfly and double hearts and other shapes of colored crystal mix and match the meantime, Light pink ribbon gently around the back of the neck, all revealed a small elegant woman delicate attention to detail in mind.
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 Know-how to understand wedding collection Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Following on from the marriage ceremony market, it needs to be carefully covered in the bottom part, conserve my entire life. In the event you very easily set it a smallish clothes trusted towards roads, you might dismiss it for life.

Preservation and various precious marriage ceremony clothes will vary, nonetheless once you've several methods, its maintaining, preservation marriage ceremony is not challenging.

Several material, a collection connected with understanding

Very first, the time connected with obtain have got to inquire, it is possible to Homecoming Gowns substance, along with compact beads, what's particular with regards to a smallish adobe flash chip, within regular situations, the owner shall be all you understand, set to relaxation.

Wash marriage ceremony, humid maintaining is a essential

Because of the compact marriage ceremony adornments, for example beaded toned, are unable to endure that erosion connected with dry out maintaining chemicals, the most beneficial approach would be to mix into a simple marriage ceremony, fairly neutral soap within mineral water, soak for some time, that may flushed banquet that merlot, Hun and various stain still left, frothy for some time, even that invisible stain for example perspiration, homemade wine stain can be taken off.

Dangling not just a good approach

Marriage ceremony wash, dry out completely, you can obtain around retailer in the cool dry out spot, like a wardrobe or maybe within that bed. Remember, usually do not psychological block market, because of the elder that training of your energy, market will manufacture up and down power, stretch or even ripping that skirt body.

Favored guidelines:

You will discover not one but two compact difficulties that they are described: Very first, be sure to wash the hands before collection connected with marriage ceremony, usually do not glue products, or maybe over time, there will be a smallish orange spot to the marriage ceremony; there, that major Stylish Marriage ceremony Gowns hoop can be changed up collection, nonetheless yearly Fanshai clothes, hoop skirt to restitution, lest it loses it's elasticity.

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