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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 Rather bride used the wedding dress to travel Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wedding party after the different persons usually start the night gathering celebrating the endorsed several style wedding party marriage trend, in order to a person step the quiet, persons are "Swan Lake" from the classy princess.

Females desire to echo the quiet temperament, i highly recommend you make use of the School-style Party Dresses Pleated round fretboard style, using focus on mild as well as surface with textile wedding party recreate away if the bride-to-be dances Shrewd entire body.

Relaxing fairly sweet petite entire body full distinct wedding party to the bride-to-be, rich snap dragon decoration could be given away video or graphic concentrate. Wedding party blooms may increase mild limitless vitality.

Produce Shuyuan style bride-to-be, night night will most likely be slower, after that hang Informal Wedding Dresses as well as tail mild to get the bride's night props, slowly devote the hands as well as let the wind flow cease " up ".

Ballet skirt using corset style neck from the bride's entire body brilliance, is a major obstacle. While using popularization with ballet, imaginative obstacle from the bride-to-be may decide to night to be able to classical music underneath the collar attraction.


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 Substantial midsection small choice of wedding girl Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Choose a simple but not simple wedding, the bride who is a top priority. Without too many folds, do not complicated lace, fresh and bright, the tone of your favorite may be the only woman for the most natural expression of heaven's side. High waist design, just the right embellishment to make you even more lovely.

White white gauze material bride wedding
White white gauze material bride Homecoming Dresses, bridal Seiitsu misty temperament, so that the bride like a swan-like charm, will be the perfect bride's pure and romantic interpretation of it.

Simple wedding dress the bride a long tail
Long tail of the bride dress simple wedding, the bride a perfect display of tall figure out, so that the bride elegant like Snow White-like, large trailing tail design is very Evening Dresses sense, so that becomes more beautiful bride the overhangs.

Repeat folding design wedding skirt
The bride wore a white wedding dress like princess-like in its beauty, repeat the fold under the skirt of the bride, sexy design will show up perfect, with the bride was slightly soulful eyes, white wedding for the bride to obtain a quiet beauty.

High waist skirt-strap dress
High waist skirt-strap design, the perfect bride's shoulders to show up, the shoulder knot design is very special, Red Wedding Dresses hem repeat corrugated design to enhance the wedding beautiful layering.



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 Corolla autumn in the amorous young girl Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A symbol of happiness and sweet flower of love goddess, the ultimate desire of the bride dress. 09 autumn and winter combined with the trend for stylish wedding the bride who is still the selection of yarn out of 4 married Corolla, the Corolla show the bride the most romantic early autumn.

Noviad Art

Hat shape: the wonderful pattern hat is still the heart of traditional aristocratic love, this lightweight hat can easily enhance the beauty of the bride's noble.

Siona Garcia

Butterfly style: expressionism bow under the decoration, not only demonstrates a contemporary wedding theme, and it ably smooth lines, add a playful sense of the bride.

Pepe Botella

Hair band style: the language of flowers, butterfly orchid, "I love you, happy flying to you." Light visible, filling the atmosphere not only echoes the orchid wedding hair texture, and creative.


Rosette shape: a symbol of white wreath of peace and happiness, pure temperament can bring prospective brides the most vivid fashion force.


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 Wedding veil of puzzle along with put in Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Style veil is usually divided into basic models (Long and short) and Maria-style veil. On the basis of the different styles are usually also used lace and pearls, diamonds to decorate. Let me teach you how to use basic models with a veil and a wedding with the bride with a very different temperament.


Wearing the veil in front of the head position, you must select a specially designed wedding without shoulder

To wear the veil in front of his head, making the veil hanging slightly covered cheeks, gorgeous sense of sudden and devastating. If there are echoes of flowers worn on the top of the head, so more would be to send young and energetic, lovely impression.

However, it is worth mentioning that this approach tends to wear the veil cover the shoulders, and thus, not suitable for a special ten-shoulder design of the wedding, otherwise it will make people think of focus and too cumbersome. Also, when wearing the veil should be noted that not too many folds. Pleated too, and wearing a conspicuous position in the head in front of it, will make people think it is too heavy, cumbersome.

Position of the head to wear a little later, sections of the law to wear wedding wild

We usually remember the location ponytail tie it? By the way, head yarn hair worn in a ponytail on top of the root, which is essential to wear the veil golden rule. The wearing of wedding locations and sections of the Party Dresses will have a good degree , be called a "universal bit."

From the front, just the height of the veil in the rear side head, hair stands tall as the first yarn and therefore stand up gracefully, and such a way that wearing the veil to the bride's face is not easy to cover. The location of this the best way to wear his head slightly tilted back side wear, it will even more lively, dynamic.

Elegant and noble way to wear White Wedding Dresses, but should also pay attention to the length of the veil

Because of this approach will make the bride look more worn noble, elegant, feminine, thus very suitable witness the ceremony. Older bride, the proposed class may wish to give up the cute little crown of hair accessories, selection of pearls and other accessories more texture. As part of the veil worn on the back of the head, reducing the bride visual "height", this method is very suitable for the bride wear Colored Flower Girl Dresses with the groom, or the higher than the groom. Wear the veil should be below the brow. Can check in when trying on the length of the veil, choose a vague proposal to cover the length of the chest.

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 Bridesmaid wedding quickly enriched Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wedding bridesmaid can be a working group of the important figure. Typically, a wedding will call a female friend to do bridesmaid, now getting his girlfriend was asked to 2-4 or sister, of which one is the main bridesmaid.


Select bridesmaid's clothing is also often make one of the things brides headaches, personality and theme of the wedding is now becoming favorable for most young people, the natural choice in the clothing have higher requirements. A few years ago the popular pink and champagne small Bra has to keep up with today's wedding trends and fashion, we focused on a group of wedding pictures from many foreign countries view the details of how to select appropriate equipment and the color of the bridesmaids it!

The same style, color styles

Right shoulder a large white flowers decorate the Elegant Wedding Dresses color, the premise of a unified elements, each have a large flower flower colors are different, to avoid the dull and repetitive, and better highlight the personality.

On the maid of honor, there is a beautiful legend. It is said that ancient Rome in the Middle Ages, rich people do a large wedding, in order to prevent the bad guys take advantage of new negative, these families will be invited a group of killers, or bodyguards, dressed as bride and groom to confuse, so that criminals have no chance to start . The damned do unmarried women would marry three bridesmaids.

Originally, a relationship with the Roman tradition. Before the prevalence of witchcraft, sorcerers will not sparing even the maid of honor. It is said that the custom of taking over her bouquet up by then, because it was thought that contamination to the happiness of the bride can get rid of evil curse, and Venus will be favored to become the next bride.

First, select the bridesmaids to choose more closely with their intimate relationship, outgoing, cheerful and unmarried women. Maid of honor was the bride's wedding day endorsement, including greeting guests, the bride to help keep your belongings, and even gifts and so on, so look for a cautious maid of honor is particularly important.

The same style of Wedding Dresses

The same style of dress, belt and shoes and holding the bride married the same flower color, with a layered, showing in detail the intentions of the bride.

Style has a different color uniform style
This group of mixed height bridesmaids, the bride carefully tailored to each individual body styles for each bridesmaid.

Dark gray dress
Rarely appear in dark gray wedding dress, but assertive tone wedding dress will play a very good choice of gray the swap effect.

Color uniform style, different colors are also different styles
Uniform in style and tone of the premise, varying shades of color and style differences and changes, so petite bridesmaids are all the more lovable kind.

Choose the right Special Occasion Dresses for the wedding plus a lot of quality, but also pay attention and dress with the shoes, headwear and accessories. Best not to choose a dark or black shoes, accessories should match the bride's style, not to dominate.

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