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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 The most wonderful wedding ceremony take Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wedding, no doubt, is the most formal wedding the most brilliant records. You naturally want to make your each photo taken that away people under your posture. Professional photographers, hair and beauty experts know best how to strengthen the front of the camera to your advantage. Here is some of the recommendations of experts on the camera.

1, remember to make color matching foundation and neck: the first choice as the keynote yellow backing - to avoid using too pink or too orange color. If your skin is flawless sound in the faith, it saves the foundation, powder directly.

2, select those plain soft neutral colors: you can choose a bit deeper than your skin color, skin color so you can truly reflect on film.

3, in the eyes and cheeks at a very light color to avoid: Because light can be reflected very clearly every detail of your face. Once does not mix thoroughly, blunt lines very prominent in the photo.

4, to find some plain lip gloss: Do not use shiny vermilion, if the lips are dry, may wish to use some lip balm.

5, Outdoor Light always remember your face look so bleak, the direct use of sunlight, will become a shadow and lines. Light shade will look better. The warm interior light is also a good choice.

6, if you want to shoot black and white photos, color photos shot first, because it requires two photographs of the makeup is different. Color photo in pastel colors - like pink, pink, light blue - better, but in do not see in black and white photo. Color photo shoot, your lipstick with a dark brown painted in black and white photo in very bright. Note: red, copper and brown in black and white film look deeper on some of the color negative film is still on the primary colors.

7, in the photograph must be combed in the shape eyebrows. If you want to make the entire eyebrow, eye shadow and not crossed with attention to the way, this effect is more softer.

8, if some swelling or sore eyes, a drop in the morning wedding day special eye drops, and then on the makeup.

9, if you pick glasses take pictures, to 1 ? hours ahead of take off, to prevent the nose, leaving dents.

10, hair should be simple - long form is very complex, you'll feel very uncomfortable. That the long hair rolled into a bun and leave some hair, hair that is very exciting. Do not use too many decorations, your hair can not support one day.

11, if you are curly hair, do not leave too much in the volume of the gap. This will make your hair look very sparse in the photos, although you in fact are very thick hair.

12, balance your hair and hair accessories. If your hair accessories very complicated, so using a simple hairstyle, and vice versa.

13, ask a professional hair stylist and beautician, they know what styles look best on photographs.

14, ask your beautician 3 hours at the beginning not to leave. If your budget allows, in the wind or high temperature conditions do improve.

15, asked a good relationship with your photographer. This will help you in the front of the camera to find a good feeling.

16, to open some fun, natural performance of the exchange - this will make you different.

17, completely relax your facial expressions and gestures (the day before the massage is a good idea.)

18, prop up your towing skirt, so your face does not look very dull, you move too convenient.

19, pick a bunch of simple flowers, so it will not look more dazzling than your face.

20, the photographer tells you the strengths and weaknesses of your face, so he can better select the angle. For example, you are a swimming enthusiasts, shoulders wide, the photographer will make you a little side shot, or play soft, so that your face is more compelling.

21, for a very low or very high bride, photographers usually do not choose a continuous background or the background of the horizon, so you will not be the height of catches attention.

22, the bride must use the most beautiful place of light and gestures appropriate to be strengthened, in front of the camera emphasizes her "good-looking side."

23, the designer of your bouquet to a bunch of complex products, can be carried in the wedding day, which in a professional studio in all can be achieved.

24, slept a secure sense: in the photo before you can make good rest is the most radiant.


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 Pregnant mothers how to select the wedding dresses Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Pregnant wedding dress, mother of the bride who has become subject to the most intimate gift. Program keep up with changes, some new people to receive a marriage certificate has been early and plan a wedding nearly 2 years, but discovered she was pregnant, although the time to do fun, while taking into account health reasons, fear of harmful for babies, on the one hand considered to build reasons, no curves, no choice but to put our wedding in advance, but what kind of Quinceanera Dresses to wear, how to select wedding, whether the market for pregnant moms wedding? To tailor the time about how long the wedding of pregnant women.


Now with the new baby and then the wedding was no longer uncommon. In the wedding season, week to meet a lot of couples. It is this need that prompted the further escalation of wedding dresses, Elegant Wedding Dresses came into being pregnant. In the bridal salon in the waist, fluffy, chest, like blooming petals below this wedding as seemingly ordinary wonders, actually for the 'pregnant brides' special production.

The photo shoot is during pregnancy, mothers are also many wedding photography, these groups aim is not to hold the wedding and for the remembrance of the beautiful moments of life gone, but the baby will be born mother had left the memories.

Whether it be chosen for the wedding, wedding, or for the selection of wedding photo shoot, expectant mothers how to choose their own wedding indecisive.

If the bride's mother during pregnancy is usually the month is less than 4 months is not out to see, as long as the right waist, the bride can still choose their own body types of wedding, but months later the abdomen during pregnancy 4,5 more obvious, when the wedding The style is somewhat critical.

General type of wedding are tight upper body - waist, and bra, open bottle under the Wedding Dresses With Embellishment , pregnant women as a special group, the waist was not enough, not only for the negative form of child growth and development and awkward appearance, so common "waist wedding" is not considered options.

Pregnant women should dress comfortably for the first, only to loose but also beautiful, high waist cut the wedding will become the first choice.

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 ltra-luxury marriage ceremony costume Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Viktor & Rolf as H & M design of the wedding, priced at $ 349 - easily thousands of dollars in teacher than the wedding design, Viktor & Rolf wedding dress design led to panic buying, simply because, first, because it is too well-known designers of the twin In addition, because of its price - price of only $ 349. In other countries, many designers make a fuss about the wedding, the bride Party Dresses pattern play out. In March, held in London, "the bride aside flash" celebrity clothing auction show, the former Miss England Dani Li.


Lloyd (Danielle Lloyd), singer Mica Paris and presenter Emma. Griffey (Emma Griffiths) have brought to their wedding auction, the proceeds of fund-raising for the treatment of lung cancer. List reasons: low prices.

The bride wore a white wedding dress walking slowly in the wedding aisle, it is our impression that the traditional Western wedding plot. In fact, the West has a lot of designers will play out of the pattern wedding, including Vera Wang.

Wedding dinner, Eva is put the red Evening Dresses , accompanied by Christian Lacroix produced Sergio Rossi heels. Speaking of wedding ring, which is the highlight of the wedding after the wedding.

Eva and Tony's wedding ring, diamond rings are Piaget's Possession, and French engraved words of love with each other unforgettable. Bride set with 80 diamonds, 18K white gold diamond ring worth $ 25,000. In addition to wedding ring, Tony also received gifts worth $ 45,000 Eva's Piaget watch, wrist watch set with 9 diamonds (on behalf of Tony in the San Antonio Spurs jersey number).

Vera Wang, a designer wedding industry can not fail to mention. Vera Wang to know how much charm, to see what the stars have chosen Vera Wang.2004 In June, the Latin days after Jennifer Lopez wore Vera Wang strapless lace wedding dress designed for married Marc Anthony.

But she is not the only celebrity chose the Vera Wang. From fluffy Hollywood sweetheart Jessica Simpson's wedding to a talented woman in Hollywood Sharon Stone are all pink chiffon Vera Wang wedding finest creations. Vera Wang's famous list of surprising, Heidi Klum, Avril Lavigne, VictoriaBeCKham, Uma Thurman, Mariah Carey, Holly Hunter, and Karenna Gore.

Vera Wang series starting from $ 6,000 - basic models of high-grade Vera Wang series starting from $ 6,000, and some special wedding can be as high as $ 12,000 or even more expensive.

However, most of the basic models Vera Wang Special Occasion Dresses price range varies from 2000 to 7000 U.S. dollars, most of the American middle class can afford, Vera Wang wedding dress empire not only serve the high consumption of star groups, reasonable prices and then with brand effect, Vera Wang is the first choice of many middle-class home. If the thousands of dollars is still far beyond your budget, you can choose a bridesmaid dress U.S. 200-1000, or you can buy sample sample paragraph or the old wedding dress, discount up to 75%.

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 Correctly footwear which includes a superb direction Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Home furniture with a couple of shoes, and also not alone intended for clothing, and boost the bride's individual flavor; a couple of shoes and also an incredible spirits from the moisture agent, the beautiful bride-to-be through visit bottom efficiency ought to be, after that the Homecoming Dresses as well as tips on how to Fantastic Match up heels the idea, ended up being still a large headache to the bride-to-be, why don't we look into adjusting the wedding dress finally, precisely how ingenious the idea.


Wedding party content

Style My spouse and i: Orthodox wedding party
Simple style, proper wedding party tutu entire body is the most typical manifestations, using the Prom Dresses while using shoes, both equally products could be not at all hard, home furniture white wine, silver is much better, the greater close to the wedding party from the white wine and also The greater in good shape as well as beige wedding party, if the step will not likely disclose the darker colorings do not match up shoes unobtrusive.

Style II: Substitute Trend products
Trend products are not rigidly comply with the orthodox wedding party wedding party binding the hands, to ensure the bride-to-be may much better screen their particular style, to be able to such a wedding party inside colouring mostly beige, wedding party decoration from the strong total, the use of a large number of factors with trend since clothing embellishment, in order that should pick up on while using shoes on the wedding party trend factors, in order that factors with wedding party add-ons on the similar seem on the demonstrate from the shoes out there.

special occasion dresses

Apparel content

Style one: snap dragon apparel
Start blooms impression, both equally are popular inside virtually any time of year, the concentrate of the 12 months by way of influx with great instances of snap dragon apparel, snap dragon apparel is a popular headache that time of year, as well as snap dragon design using blooms, shoes is most likely the similar sequence is usually the apparel home furniture from the colouring appeared on the Team with shoes.

Style II: sequined apparel
Most of these count on flash piece apparel, diamond stitched with each other, the best function is unquestionably sufficient to be able to shine from the mild irradiation is the concentrate off interest, the steel loading proficiency ordinarily relatively bulky apparel, emphasizing the influence with self-cultivation, as well as generally to be able to Tee mostly excellent style sling. For the reason that steel loading influence from the apparel simpler to be able to mild refraction from the banquet area, try to choose home furniture from the shoes is a prudent step low-key.

Three designs: quick apparel trend products
Fed up of the monotony with simple products apparel, a short as well as Increase from the wedding party apparel clothing lay the shot from the provide, that apparel is the concentrate from the most important on the lower-leg series skirt, a couple of tiny high-heeled apparel shoes into that portion one of the best match up.


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 Tiny and eye-catching riff boutonniere Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Youngster keeping an incredible nose, to the girl, in the event the girl contracted, would certainly take away the nose with one, not necessarily the kid's chest muscles -- this is actually the beginning from the groom corsage. Tiny brooch to be able to remind persons the i . d from the groom, from the output, not necessarily careless. Beautiful as well as first wedding party the groom corsage is utterly beautiful landscape.

Corsage generating key facts

Corsage generating must look into a variety of variables, such as while using bride-to-be keeping blooms, as well as groom by themselves using clothing, as well as wedding party while using influence. Brooches even more simple, tiny for the reason that principle, its the ornament, to try out the purpose with concluding feel, do not placed corsage designed into wedding bouquets, covering company command the concentrate of a video or graphic seriously isn't the prudent step.

Procedure for wearing brooch
Wearing an extremely classy wedding party corsage, groom who should learn. Corsage ought to be put on on the left collar match jacket, classy match which includes a buttonhole in this location, is placed corsage style. If you find zero ready-made buttonhole could be inserted, place the corsage on the match as well as collar, stalk instantly lower, not necessarily effectively aligned to the location from the shoes.

Brooch as well as corresponding tie
Groom corsage from the collection of supplies as well as colorings if the colouring with tie ought to be considered, choose the colouring on the tie for the reason that major colorings is going to be balanced with the overall harmonization as well as secure. Should you evaluate a mix of both colouring tie, it is possible to choose a straightforward tiny corsage.

Exclusive style as well as groom boutonniere
At this point if the young several across the search, in order to match up while using wedding party style may also groom boutonniere "transform" the. Stuff seriously isn't specifically the standard blooms, laces and ribbons, Cai Sheng is made of exclusive supplies such as condition brooch, the wedding party gives an exclusive really feel.



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