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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 The sacred romance of pure white wedding for us to see it now! Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The sacred romance of pure white wedding for us to see it now!

 Three beautiful glass tray like a wedding cake, elegant fall into the earthly fairy sweet and happy people, one wearing a couture dress pleated, one wearing flowers, another with chocolate Sexy skin off jewels.
 Bridal bouquet from the roses, stars, cabbage and composition of ostrich feathers, like a pure and brilliant flowers of the wizard
 Replaced with a soft white color complex, bringing a modern wedding hall gorgeous pure feelings.
 Achievements of Western-style hotel wedding banquet hall, a gorgeous atmosphere, a white candle placed in a neat two-story, highlighting the sanctity of marriage, white silky pouring down silk wallpaper, elegant and luxurious leather chairs silver, red carpet White feathers on the "falling Sakula fun", the entire atmosphere of refined elegance, as if walking clouds.
 Goblet bright stone vases and desktop level echoes, supporting a vibrant and holding both hands in the sky full of stars, flowers on the stone is with a chrysanthemum and ostrich feathers with one graceful charm of bloom; French window and a white square dining table Silver leather seats highlight the modern design aesthetic and practical, the sun shining into the hall, through the gap into the tassels, ostrich feathers drifting down, creating a fairy-tale dream.
 Smooth and covered with smooth plastic square stool fringed leather coffee table style to convey the message immediately, so that guests know this is a modern full of gorgeous wedding.

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 Why is it still smooth skin whitening makeup every day Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Why is it still smooth skin whitening makeup every day, a make-up to plug their pores, dull skin, acne explosion? Make-up look at the advice you need to know to correct bad habits make it.

Make-up do not want to damage the skin, we must first learn Cleansing

If you use sunscreen, Cream (especially with the modification of color-enabled products), colored cosmetics (eg: lipstick, blush, eye shadow and foundation, etc.), regardless of the heavy makeup or the makeup needs remover, do not because of lazy, casual face trouble.

Knowledge of cosmetics before buying cosmetics ingredients
(1) Do not use synthetic chemicals, such as pigments and spices will stimulate the skin, causing itching and neurodermatitis.
(2) oil will absorb oily cosmetics dust in the air, causing the sweat glands and hair follicles are blocked, resulting in bacterial growth, causing folliculitis, etc., it is not excessive.
(3) contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium, molybdenum, cadmium, etc. cosmetics are absorbed through the skin, accumulate in the body, causing toxic reactions.
(4) Avoid the use of cosmetics in the light-sensitive material, causing the skin in the sun exposure can cause inflammation.

Learn Cream
Cream's main purpose is to make the skin more easily and evenly on the makeup and the makeup to prevent Tuozhuang. This feature is not only Cream, lotion or cream usually have such an effect, but the Cream contains a high number of non-fat and fat-soluble and other ingredients to help make up the extension and adhesion.

Do not let the injury to the eye liner
If you want a make-up does not hurt the skin effect, eyeliner painted on it to avoid too close to the eye lash line while the surface of the site. When the lash line tool does not wash when the lash line may be inadvertently exposed surface of the eye caused by infection. To make the point of view, draw the liner in the lash line is too close to the eyes, but will make eyes look smaller, and the eyes are exposed to residues of the liner.

Rendering care for the lashes
Make-up experts say, the more the more layers of mascara eyes can show the charm, but the heavy burden of pressure to the eye filled with the same time, the staining factor mascara will hurt the delicate eyelashes. Eyelashes like hair, the surface of each cuticle layers are covered, with lashes before mascara on special care products to base, not only can help fill the void between the scales, but also to protect lashes from the friction force damage. At the same time maintaining a beautiful arc eyelashes, mascara is not easy to fade.

Make sun more attractive
Very fragile skin under the sun, the usual practice is to use sunscreen sunscreen and then use the make-up, but often overlooked function of facial make-up of the sun. Therefore, the role of a sun care make-up series is very important. Experts suggest that sunscreen's SPF value of 15 make up the most suitable, because this value can be isolated more than 90% of the ultraviolet rays, does not give the skin a great deal of burden. If the role and has anti-aging vitamins and a combination of moisturizing ingredients, not merely to the sun, will also make a lasting skin care.


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 Bride Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Bride, the beautiful people daydreams Lianpian words, the wedding day you will attract people attention, elegant, noble, mellow together, in addition to the Beijing fashion wedding dress, wedding ring outside the tokens of love, do not ignore off your beautiful wedding day Oh! Even if you are a simple and elegant weekdays MM, but the wedding day, the bride still do not overlook the importance of make-up!

Taboo 1: The stage singing the

Many brides feel that if it wants to "grand", there must be "strong." Nails, blush, lipstick, National Cheng Kung University are painted red, combined with a heavy eye makeup, a thick white layer of white foundation, as well as the general hair wig. God, do not take to the stage show?

Remember, the bride is the focus of audience in any case, do not fight the limelight, just enough to have the graceful elegance. The bride and guests to face, so to the human eye to the aesthetic, close to the color of blush and lipstick, reflecting the sweet and feminine. Eyes can be a focus, but do not exaggerate.

Taboo 2: exclusive of a makeup

Each bride will ask a bride make-up artist, but the so-called bridal makeup, makeup but also just, in general, is a makeup from start to finish.

Instead, the real makeup of clothing should be based on transformation to adjust different makeup. Wear a wedding dress, wedding clothes, wearing a dress, use the same makeup as if it is not so appropriate.

Taboo 3: The rough and scratchy

The bride's makeup not an exaggeration, but certainly to fine, that was a big day for a lifetime Oh.

Recommended to use waterproof mascara, and do not use large adhesion approach, or to stud clear, upturned long as well. Better to use lip liner lip outline, this lip will look full and attractive at the same time be able to stay longer color. Natural-looking finish is to be refined, every little detail will not miss, and the foundation of the color number, please be sure to choose the precise fit, and carefully mix with the day light.

Flashing 1: "makeup loaded" is the perfect match

Some people may be too general for makeup for too long, then to master a skill, that is, to change a little eye makeup.

Eye makeup is very easy to cover and superimposed, as long as there is a certain makeup techniques eye makeup will not get dirty. First, start from the uniform color and then from the texture. For example, you wear a metallic dress, then the eye makeup can also use some metallic eye shadow, be careful not too much, or too punk. If you're wearing the flash texture of the clothes, you can add some shiny factor. If you're wearing satin texture of the clothes, then they would choose some texture with a delicate pearl eye shadow.

Shiny 2: Make a "courtesy"

In fact, there are many make-up manners to note, first of all, the wedding day not too long nails, or clink when the guests are likely to hurt. Second, try to use against the lipstick off, if you use someone else's cup, please lip print will be printed in the above wipe. Finally, be sure to all exposed parts are covered in powder, but do not let the traces of powder or guests to stay in their own clothes.


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 A tie knot tie for a variety of materials Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 The first: a tie knot tie for a variety of materials, but also men choose the way up to the tie.

 Tip: tie the bottom of the cavity formed by uniform and on the need for both sides of the liner.

 The second: a simple cross-junction point for color, texture thinner tie. Fashion sense for men to show love.

 Third: double loop knot suitable for young workers, more fashion. This play is showing the first lap will be a little beyond the second round, do not deliberately covered.

 Fourth: Windsor knot Windsor knot is suitable for wide-collar shirt, the tie should be more to the horizontal development. Material too thick to avoid a tie, bow ties have not played too large.

 Fifth: the double cross knot in the tie should be more use of plain and silk tie, if the shirt with big lapels and a kind of honor for not only the flu. Choice for formal occasions.

 Sixth: the Prince Albert knot

 Deduction for the romantic series of shirt collar and pointed collar, a thin, flexible material with a romantic tie models, the correct play is to reserve more space for the first broadside, and the second time round as far as possible in the fit together, you can Accomplish this a perfect junction.

 Seventh: Four Hand Results (single node) is the tie of the most easy to use for a variety of styles of romantic series of shirts and ties.

 Eighth: Romance Romance is a perfect knot junction, it is suitable for a variety of romantic series of collars and shirts, when completed, will tie the bottom of the crepe folded broadside pressure can be reduced to its junction, narrow side can be Move around it to make it appear in the broad-brimmed tie a small part of the next.

 Ninth type: Simple Results (coachman Results) for the material thick tie, the most suitable to play in the standard style and the shirt collar button, its broadside to turn 180 degrees from top to bottom, and folding Hidden at the rear is completed and then adjust their tie after the length of a knot is the most common form.

 Tenth type: Cross Results (half Windsor knot)

 This section junction is very elegant and rare, and its style of play than complex, using thin section ties more easy to use, with the most suitable point in the romantic style neck collar and standard series lining.

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 Wear a wedding ring in the part of the wedding Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wear a wedding ring in the part of the wedding, the bride if the nail has a pair of flowers as a decoration in general, must make us a more profound impression on you. Therefore, it can be said of the bride bride nail styling highlights an important dress, here we tell you about the bride and nail for the introductory knowledge.

 Bridal Nail paragraph 1: French manicure bride

 French manicure is the most common is the bride the most classic bridal manicure, natural and generous, the performance of the bride's temperament is very simple place. Some decorative little French A, become even more magical color, highlighting women's sexy charm.

 Nail, paragraph 2 brides: Crystal Bridal Nail

 The color of cream with nail polish to do with the tone set with irregular stones each finger, showing the beauty of the bride luxury innocence. The diamond embedded in a half French manicure in a dimly revealing the details of the United States, play a role in the finishing touch, set off the bride elegant temperament.

 Bridal Nail, paragraph 3: Carved Bridal Nail

 Carved in the middle of the outer fingers graced played a role, so that the bride to enjoy the nuances of cute. Red is the color of this year, but also for the festive atmosphere of the wedding, the carved design, highlights the bride's atmosphere, mature beauty. Carved with a nail outside the popular trend this year, so the bride in the subtleties exudes an elegant taste.

 Bridal Nail Paragraph 4: Painted Bride Nail

 Painted bright line and drilling pattern in the skies, flowing out of a mature lady temperament, soft pink with a lot of money to the bride style.


 Here we would like to remind the bride's sister who is about to do, whether wedding photographs or wedding day as much as possible not to select the color is too flashy nails, to meet with the main garment. Fake nails can make the whole seemed more slender hand, are not used to paste fake nails bride, at least a half months to grow long nails for repairing. Like posted in the nail drill of the bride, fake fingernails to try to choose to avoid corrosion while drilling with nail glue.

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