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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 Want to find a constant commitment to the marriage Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Want to find a constant commitment to the marriage and Prom Dresses, wedding ring material of choice is none other than non-platinum. Preview this year's Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show, is easy to see fashion shows wedding ring 4, the global trend.

1. Star gas field

Today, platinum wedding Party Dresses popular trend in Hollywood, no longer is a single pigeon egg-sized diamond ring play a leading role, and more detailed with dazzling diamond ring with Homecoming Dresses design of Precision Drilling, a little more low-key, the momentum has not been reduced by half point . Not only a solid platinum inlaid diamonds, and tough wear-resistant, able to withstand the wear and tear caused by everyday life, lasting light will never fade.

Representative: Meister Design (Germany)

"Only You", set off so many people desire and look forward to the wedding, gorgeous wedding, romantic venue, the layout of creative people. Deep down this sacred moment. In fact, to achieve the play's scenes and the effect is not difficult, the recent wedding service companies "Scotch" will log in Guangzhou and Foshan. Unlike ordinary home workshop-style wedding studio, Scotland to break the traditional "wedding company" model, with stylish new concept for the new wedding services, including fashion wedding planning, wedding arrangements, floral design, culture, etiquette, etc. I believe that will make you fall in love with sweet, with a memorable wedding.

2. Simple Classic

Thickness of the moderate prime gold rings, elegant elegant detailing, classic platinum wedding ring is still favored by most couples. Pure platinum color Mother of the Bride Dresses, texture, thick, and the simple design complement the atmosphere, even ten, twenty or more years later, still clean and white as ever, classic graceful, for the marriage to add an "enduring" good moral.

Representative: Art Carved Design (United States)

3. Delicate sweet

Su gold wedding ring that is too simple a low profile, do not want too much publicity of the new people, try the ring ring ring or circle of exquisite decorative wall design of a small drill. This finishing touch is added to the original classic design of a sweet Bridesmaid Dresses, both subtle yet clever and unique charm, is nowadays one of the most popular wedding ring fashion.

Representative: Orest Design (France)

4. Practical Joker

On a pair of platinum diamond ring plus a women, this is an international wedding ring already popular "2 +1", in recent years have gradually become popular in the country. Three-ring wedding ring not only for those who attach importance to the engagement ceremony of the new program to provide the best wedding ring, the bride can also wear alone or stacked on different occasions to wear gold rings and platinum diamond rings, wedding White Wedding Dresses rings can also make "a more wear."

Representative: Lenval Design

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 Marriage to see what your ambush? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

We all know that marriage can not be avoided in the mouth of husband and wife sometimes struggle mouth, then you know what marriage has impacted? Here we look at marriage in the "House of Flying Daggers."

Marriage to see what your ambush?

Will be flexible is to scratch the right place, know where the itch. Prom Dresses divorced do not need to scratching, so have time to shoot a "House of Flying Daggers" movie, says sinister lakes, House of Flying Daggers. The sinister I'm afraid not only rivers and lakes, and our marriage, and perhaps from the red carpet of the day, this marker had been irrevocably marked.

From "Seven Year Itch" to "House of Flying Daggers",Party Dresses is two people of the war, a couple in the highest intelligence and character of countless biggest contest. It was when he said: "When the wife standing in the kitchen, quietly brush the plate, when her husband took a piece of paper, face the TV trance, there is always an organ, everywhere is the 'ambush' the war has been quietly began. "At the press on 20 interviews with the couple, they talk about the following stories and scenes of life, the tone calm and vicissitudes of life.

1st ambush: a step by step in the expansion of the gap.

Between men and women do have a gap, such as women like Roman Di grams, men are like Normandy; women like fashion, men like to wear fashion Homecoming Dresses. For couples, the fun in life, values, interests, hobbies and so has the gap not only allow two of the world more colorful, but also just be able to meet the "complementarity" of the law.

Fear is in the gap, but can not find a common interest between the two point. Saturday night you see your fashion magazine, he shouted loudly in front of television: "Mother of the Bride Dresses, how not into one!" You call him a madman, and he said you know what to enjoy life. And each finds the other tasteless, to keep each other in a spirit of superiority. Thus, two of the world to you and eventually become a magazine, he and a TV.

A wife and her fashion eye, "dregs of soil was" to get along with her husband is very dangerous, if not timely exchange and communication with the adjustments do not help each other one day will have an inexplicable aversion feeling, then see where he would not pleasing to the eye.

2nd ambush: the lack of love life color.

Some people say the love between husband and wife after all, is to degenerate by the beauty of romantic Bridesmaid Dresses evolved into flesh and blood relationship. This is because the actual and long marriage than love. Thus, under the marriage in this real, emotional life in a "tired" state, no more "innovation" into the oil, salt and leading a poor root in a harsh lines.

Husband no longer has bought her roses, he thought back to a packet of salt and more meaningful. Hold his wife to know when cooking broth, a few months down the gas meter can go a little word; at home can save a pair of slippers barefoot for two years; telescope on the balcony to take a neighbor's television once a month can save electricity; does not mean is that only her mouth, whining all day, you should not be so, you lose the emotional as and in favor of what life is mechanical, rigid and cumbersome.

In fact, if men experienced more rain, it will depth; a woman is a long day at home will bring the charm mature woman; mature man and mature woman of charm, is definitely a beautiful landscape, it is important should know how to go on show respect, know how to find new ways to express love and love each other, not only because of a common marriage, let it all lose the sense of color.

3rd ambush: "Housing in the matter" has become too awkward.

Put it in no way means that it does not matter the last one. Some people may think: married, sex has become less important. Indeed, we must first think of mundane family life and children to school, by their nature do not know which corner to go into just, and this is probably not many Chinese women are willing to live with the climax and the reasons for loyalty. However, we should not forget that sex is a measure of modern life, regardless of how the escape, a harmonious sexual life is bound to affect other aspects of life.

If the marriage is delivered to the body and soul to each other, we can say that physical demand is the most basic needs of a marriage, the body's happiness is the most fundamental happiness, lost it all, marriage, happiness will be greatly reduced. Please do not feel embarrassed for the body's desire, speak out your feelings and expectations of the state, followed by adjusting to each other in good faith, so that the body is still deeply infatuated with each other, so that the good old fun.

Love a person, to the music of life; and loved ones have a perfect sex is to the music in to the music. In terms of the right to not give up the pursuit of happiness is not getting us into a pure hedonist, on the contrary, it is only a means to better serve the real-life flavor and services. For day and night relative to couples, the conquest of the soul of perhaps the other side of the body from the conquest began.

4th ambush: rush into marriage, stay hidden.

"Marriage", literally seems to be a stunning woman, to find people to end up. In fact, many couples have proven this word is not easily made out of our ancestors, a dazzled by love, have to run to Bureau of Civil Affairs immediately, thinking quickly leash this person. Until the chain can be set, only to find that people are not suitable for them, has become tasteless, but wasteful to discard the tasteless piece.

Not as much as possible with enough time to fully understand each other, not enough time to calmly think the relationship between the two has become the biggest rush into marriage risks for future leave. Sometimes, the "lightning war" love marriage will be confused when some of the illusion. For example, a married one year now require the husband to accompany his wife to go shopping, the husband always say want to go, his wife understand: "Are not you used to love to shop it?" Her husband said: "That is not to You happen, no matter! "

To please each other and wronged themselves, I believe this kind of thing men and women in love no less dry. White Wedding Dresses, received, and the fox tail is naturally exposed. While some people rush into marriage stems from not psychologically ready. One has to do his father's 25-year-old man's words, especially sad: "Sometimes I can not help but think, I also like a little child, my own thing yet processed, blink of an eye have to pay the other two personal life, as would wake up, really feel very confused . "

Perhaps we need not, as some people say "love for two years, living together for three years" that living together before marriage time to set a rigid standard, but only in the understanding of each other, be prepared psychologically, and also have certain basis in reality, the marriage will have a good start.

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 There are many elegant Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

There are many elegant, sexy, sweet, pleasant , Plus size Wedding Dresses and so on.What kind of elegance you love? There are many wedding colors, white, red, pink, the color that you love? Needless to say, elegant white Vintage Wedding Dresses of choice for many people, then give you Xiaobian also introduced several very elegant pure white dress, did you love that kind of it!

Halter, lace, cascading folds, which constitute the essential elements of a Summer Wedding Dresses , plus a long tail, the bride slim waist, even a small exposed sexy, these are the increase of the bride Meili Zhi Important component, with these, a person never forget the beautiful bride was born, and you also want to try it.

In addition to the complicated long section of wedding, in fact, there is a simple and elegant wedding, you can be listed as an alternative wedding list, and that is as smooth as water, have a perfect sense of self-cultivation lines wedding, the wedding can be such a close cut Show your body enjoy the charming, smooth texture reflect your taste at the same time, there is an elegant fashion sense, do a simple fashion bride is also "boom ".

Long, with a hazy veil of beauty, many MM is the preferred conditions for the election wedding, the bride's scope so that it can, the Discount Wedding Dresses care on the ground, as if cheering a waltz. Lace veil and gloves, looming to the color, the Bridesmaids Dresses of the bride in a perfect interpretation of the moment, you are not too fond of it, the Junior Bridesmaid Dresses, there is always a right for you.

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 Filled the fields in the spring Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Filled the fields in the spring, the bride wore a white Junior Bridesmaid Dresses, flying mood pursue happiness. Smooth satin, profile skirt, flowers, tulle and so on. The sun light through the white gauze Brisk sweet smile, blue sky and swayed sweetly, released into the atmosphere in the beautiful scenery, the ride in the distant green , and the eternal vows enduring beauty floating down the countryside between


Embroidery organza

Double embroidered organza Jinlei Si make this particularly delicate exquisite wedding, giving Bridesmaids Dresses the meaning of new US-Jun; inlaid with Swarovski crystals, pearls gold necklace a stunning bride collar embellishment.

Necklace: Samantha Wills

Ring: Zingale Jewelers

Satin embroidered flowers

Will be filled with exquisite beauty of the embroidered lace strapless layered dress with white organza with each other against the background, creating a very difficult to

reject the tender texture of the grass in the mountains near the background, like a layer of glamorous and dew linger around the handsome bride.

Boots: Frye

Meilian white gauze

If white organza shoulder Yuet Wah's wedding, and sketched out the contours of thin, blinking vaguely sexy charm; petal-like details of standing shoulder, as if the white lotus in full bloom, reflected the happiness of the bride gentle face.

Earrings and bracelet: Calico Juno Designs

Bracelet: Joy O Designs

Ring: Otrera

Classic Cowboy

Noble princess outstanding Words willowy Painting, the interpretation of the new fashion jeans slim girl, wrapped in lotus leaf chest tops fold more vibrant and taffeta wedding this bring a lot of youthful atmosphere.

Necklace: Monica Rich Kosann

Sheer morning mist

In the grasslands, not too much decoration, a simple and refreshing enough to make your Bridesmaids Dresses; a look boundless grassland, shrouded in mist, deep V-neck dress more flattering to the bride's curves ecstatic; Double lace applique and a layer of hazy gauze, the beauty of satin Discount Wedding Dresses that accentuates.

Earrings: Otrera

Flying silk

Taffeta pleated skirt embroidered arrested over design silk roses, skirt flying up, the bride feels like floating on clouds in the vast sky above, the full sense of fantasy; Summer Wedding Dresses chest wrapped on the back decorated with a row of buttons, set off the graceful figure , an instant upgrade attractive.

Veil: MMM Jewelry Designer

Bracelets and Bangles: Jes MaHarry

Tail bright

Improved version of the ivory white Vintage Wedding Dresses tight-fitting T-shirt covered with a neat and compact fold, so that a better curve filling exhaustive; skirt pleated edging fans eyes like flowers, the green bride set off in bright flawless.

Bracelet: Jes MaHarry

Double white strapless silk wedding palace bright as the summer sun, lights up the trail along the scenic countryside; puffy pleated skirt decorated with excellent workmanship, readily mesh with a cotton-like cape, and this is the joy of free men journey, the slightest scent of exotic flowers, intoxicated people, so that a more natural atmosphere of complete happiness.

Shawl: Debra Moreland for Paris

Bracelet: Les MaHarry

Boots: Frye

Men's evening wear suits, vests, jeans: John Varvatos

Shirts: Thomas Pink

Boots: Frye

Simple sexy

A tape taffeta Plus size Wedding Dresses warm and smooth fabric, no redundant complex modification. Level low-cut collar and wide belt design is not only simple in flash sexy in temperament, with a turquoise bead necklace, but also the classical interpretation of the bride's modesty.

Earrings: Joy O Designs

Necklace: Jes MaHarry

Shirts: Thomas Pink

Cufflinks: Baade II

Vest: John Varvatos

Ring: Zingale Jewelers

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 At the wedding Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 
Cliquer pour agrandir

At the wedding, the bride is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the audience. The focus of all eyes as the audience, you do not want it they are not perfect. Such as the skin and not white? Too fat or too thin? Too high or too low? Eyes not large, short-sighted? ... ... These seem very picky about the small request, in fact, have a way to improve. As long as the right medicine can be happy, to be a "nine full" is "ten beautiful" bride.

Into the home, the light from the side to play on both sides of the new, increased use of body-type three-dimensional light. In the wedding process, the slightly darker lights help diversify the attention of the guests on the bride body. Should try to choose the wedding dress sleeves, sleeve, or plastic containing bone stays the wedding.

Common imperfections: Obesity edema

Perfect Solution: into the home, the light from the side to play on both sides of the new, increased use of body-type three-dimensional light. In the wedding process, the slightly darker lights help diversify the attention of the guests on the bride body.

Should try to choose the wedding dress sleeves, sleeve, or plastic containing bone stays the wedding. Optional dress red, purple, sapphire blue and other colors look more lean, Chinese costume, or babydoll is a good choice, shawls can cover a little fat in the arm. In addition, the bride standing, remember to keep chest and abdomen, shoulders thrown back position, thus becoming more and more pen is very tall and straight, skinny fiber beauty.

Common imperfections: poor skin

Perfect Solution: Even make-up artist but also for those annoying pimples with yellow color, could do nothing. Why do not you at the wedding venue hotel marked soft light, that zero defects in skin care ads, not that by these soft lights playing out?

If the color is not good care, it is better to count on the meter, painted slightly deeper than the original color palette of cream, can completely obscure the skin defects, but also to create a sexy, attractive honey color. Champagne, golden brown and other neutral tones, dark skin is a good dress color shot blocked.

Common is not perfect: delicate facial features is not enough

Perfect Solution: Both short-sighted, small eyes, glazing, color contact lenses and "Popeye", is the savior of the bride of beauty. When the eyes become large and bright, features all of a sudden there are extraordinarily vivid. Wedding day, the best choice for black or black gold, followed by blue, the color contrast is not an exaggeration and wild easily.

However, when the make-up and the toast, do be careful. In black and white eyeliner and false eyelashes under the coordination of fascinating look more prominent. Like the outline of the nose and lips more clearly, the use of concealer and highlight powder help it!

Common is not perfect: slightly larger than face shape

Perfect Solution: the hair and brush with scattered reddish brown under the rouge, face modification will help. Costume drop shaped stones hanging style earrings and necklaces with the money and can improve the visual face.

In addition, all concealed or semi-concealed in the veil, there will be little face effect. Finally, the day of the big day, I remember myself as a real supermodel, to face the camera angle of the most charming smile, leaving every perfect moment.

Common imperfections: petite stature

Perfect Solution: small stature of the bride, while giving people the impression that the tender and lovely, but often encounter problems because of stature "can not afford to support" the wedding issue. If the newcomers are small stature can be the first effort in the site: standing on a higher stage arrangements, and appropriate cut champagne cake table height.

If only a small bride and shape, you can take the lining waist tail wedding platform shoes. Xu beam will be issued or high arched veil (preferably about 5 cm), and then rise by the end of the liner and eyebrow. Welcome and take pictures to replace the standing posture, and slightly bent with your groom to reduce the gap between two tall.

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