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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 You need to select wedding the bride to be assertive Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Select Quinceanera Dresses but a top priority for the bride! So, you should go with some other selected wedding, or is this to get their own? In fact, depending on you are not a strong-minded bride.

Rash impulsive bride

Your mind is very active, is a very assertive person, very good at acting independently, but can sometimes be too hasty, and often for their own decisions and regret, people feel you have some rash and unreliable; when accidents may wish to stop and careful consideration about making a decision.

For some of you, the impulse, the selection of wedding Fashion Bridesmaid Dresses . Do not look for too many people go, because when we all views, the impatient will start to upset you, so easily caught a rush on the final decisions, even to the last you do not want to dress up Homecoming Dresses look like what is! Therefore, you must find one of the most understanding, and a clear sense of the female Xiangpei - can be your best girlfriends iron, it can be your dear mother - of course, the most important is that you had enough confidence in her , and can listen to her views. Remember also called on to your other half, although his opinion you can not adopt, but for him, to pick with you is the most important wedding Classic Bridesmaid Dresses. In fact, when you ask him: "My dear, this good?", He would sincerely feel for you there is a sense of great! So as to reflect your respect for him, so he complained about the wedding Colored Flower Girl Dresses: "Oh! God, you never told me that you chose such a wedding Red Wedding Dresses!", Of course, choose the wedding Simple Wedding Dresses and your feel for the extent of the process.

Type the bride calm and decisive

You are good at thinking, and able to judge the people around you what proposal is useful, in dealing with the various decisions in life you are everything, although there have been mistakes, but you can always learn from mistakes. We all trust you, that you are a reliable person.

You can think calmly and independently selected their favorite wedding Junior Bridesmaid Dresses, but to face this important decision, you would like to hear the opinions of others, and learn their views of the bright spot. Suggest you go look at wedding Bride Groom Dresses page, or go to the bridal salon to a turn, pick out some favorite Special Occasion Dresses style, the picture to take home to your parents, husband sharing, patient and tell them you love What, what is your favorite style, and let them talk about their ideas, which will make them feel that you really care about their views and be able to let them feel the joy of participation. Imagine if you had to choose the right Prom Dresses, your parents will think they missed the daughter of an important decision in life, and your other half will think you denied him the opportunity to play a creative aesthetic. In fact, involved for them is more important than the final result - of course, you are really a very clear what they want, and then only need to ask them a "or this style for me?", And finally the way you want to do it to ok.

Type indecisive bride

Your mind is very delicate, so always in distress after thinking, always rely on the opinions of others to make decisions, people around that you really do not assertive. Cautious style although you can so you will not regret the decision because of a rash, but the lukewarm personality but it will affect your decision-making capacity.

Select the face of this big wedding Evening Dresses, you will feel great mental stress, at this time, often hesitant desire most is your opinions and judgments of others! However, if the people around them disagree, you will become a loss. Therefore, you need a professional advice: first, to the newly married friends through consultation and online survey, the selection of a good reputation, reliable custom wedding shop, and then and your family came to this store, it is recommended by your peers They wait in this, either let them know the store's style has used to help you with your idea that they can avoid interference to your judgment - you have to be completed independently of one to one communication with the designers, so that She fully understand your body, temperament, so to give you some specific design suggestions to help you find a wedding or several of the best programs. Identify several programs, remember to wait a long time people look at home, so that designers look at their views, and to her aesthetic vision of professional to help you finalize the program. Of course, all this is based on 100% trust your designer.

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 Wedding woman Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Prom Dresses woman, in case of Cinderella after the fairy, distributed fantastic glory, happiness can not be overlooked is the pair of glass slipper. Once, a white wedding shoes match the bride's choice, and white shoes with the white wedding is also easier to make the bride feel very fresh and pure as a whole, and after a wedding, can continue to wear white shoes.

But today, with a surprise layer corresponds to a wedding, fashion bride who has enough confidence to follow the trend of the change in Party Dresses shoes. Fashion you into the wedding hall in front, look for style, material, color, design in a bid to match a variety of Homecoming Dresses shoes, so get rid of you at the wedding the monotony of white shoes, and create elegant, elegance, fashion, Charming taste.

The trend of the temptation to believe that no one method to resist, so frequent changes in Mother of the Bride Dresses outbreak of surprise, but also to various styles of shoes to board a wedding this something presentable, simple or complex, parcel or can be exposed to do with the Preferences and for people to choose from.

Closed toe and heel high-heeled shoes are exposed just like the strings like a beautiful arch of the foot, both open charm shoes, shoes have all-inclusive sense of security, coupled with the design tip, revealing an Elegant, noble feeling.

Small space style with open toe no longer look after the undignified, nudity represents fashion, both before and after this open weave design is ideal for Gong Choujiao night.

Baotou, bare heels with a wedding ceremony in a common style Bridesmaid Dresses, it can match the wedding day, and in the evening with a combination of style and elegance are also the taste, the most important thing is to not let a smile on your face, and my heart Han Tong.

Bandage-style high heels are very fashionable this year's style White Wedding Dresses, this style is very special, look beautiful, slim woman is on the leg, but right then.

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 Wedding are frequent city Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wedding Prom Dresses are frequent city

The movie "Wedding Crashers" is about two heroes Bai Kewei and Gray have the same passion - to participate in someone else's Party Dresses, and no matter what wedding who, no matter what form the wedding party is, and this clown can always fudge in, not only mixed drink mixed with food, but also become the focus of the wedding party. However, they would immediately after the wedding, "disappeared." "Wedding Crashers" reflects the city wedding crashers headache mixed drink mixed with food, in recent years, mixed with food mixed drink frequent phenomenon in many cities, leaving many of the new fear is that thieves are sneaking into the wedding scene , the implementation of theft, the original atmosphere of celebration cast a shadow over the wedding.

Mixed with food family wedding when the "mixed Feast"

A wedding is being held in a hotel, the couple invited their closest friends and colleagues, a banquet hall came a clip of a hand bag, wearing Homecoming Dresses, middle-aged man, he was about to approach the entrance sign of the young lady responsible for asked him to autograph, but he always refused to sign so many excuses. Then he suddenly looked down on the attendance book to find a moment, kept asking this to no, that where it is. Then pointing to one of the name "Gang" casually, simply said: "Gang can not attend the wedding something temporary, I was attended in his place." His words next to people with a surprised look, we all had co-workers, and just a few minutes ago and was met Gang, Gang did not want to leave. This is about the spot it away, the man suddenly so much noise a disgraced, but a moment to put on a leisurely look, telling their own stories and said: "I'm sorry, the name wrong." Outright then, pretending to to find someone, a change in the stairs sideways leave.

Senior Wedding Consultant, Principal Planner Dan Zhang Beijing Hanayome Story to accept marriage Lufthansa Rights Network interview, said: This "not been invited, not to flash" and "Wedding Crashers" are common. Many people see the wedding on the "mixed into some dinner," sit down and eat, and nobody, only the Mother of the Bride Dresses middle-aged men do not "lucky" work.

The thief took the opportunity to steal

Mr. Zhou was invited to attend a wedding ceremony, wedding reception last week to another table got up and turns Mr. toast, several rare to meet friends and ultimately, more greeting two consecutive'll feel after a few glasses of wine, liquor power Chow feel victorious, and returned seat on the break for a while, suddenly found the briefcase on the seat just disappeared, Zhou surprised, and quickly check under the table, bending over, but unfortunately found nothing. Lost money, no problem, there can be package ID and several important documents, Zhou stunned and in a cold sweat. By this time, so patrons are busy Gongchoujiaocuo, no one noticed Zhou emergency situation here. Zhou froze for a moment, thought that if immediately quiet, destruction wedding atmosphere makes it appear as if no face, then not answer. Unexpectedly, it was not long before a friend of the next table suddenly exclaimed: "My bag it, how my bag was gone?" Zhou ran to, told us that his bag was gone, everyone rushed to help the search, but did not find. Asked the waiter, the waiter said they do not know, but unfortunately we chose the police, offer tea then rushed to the scene, mostly due to a wedding banquet new close friends or colleagues, the police can not be free to doubt a moment. According to police analysis, packet loss event is likely that the thief to see the wedding fun, while staff complex, entering into the wedding party to start committing the crime.

Thieves and mixed with food family's trick

1. Posing as wedding guests eat all of the mixed ethnic and thieves are posing as guests enter the wedding, they usually wear a very formal, and other guests can be a simple greeting, the groom's guests said that he is the woman in front of invited guests; guests before the bride said that he is the man's guest.

2. The guests the hotel is actually the wrong door wrong door wedding guests often appears the case, a good multi-storey building and the hotel ballroom, the hotel will also undertake a lot of time to several wedding, along with the first guests to this hotel a wedding banquet, not very familiar with the layout of the hotel, the wrong door understandable, but many people are using it mixed with other people's wedding. Especially when the welcome guests at the name of the person asked or found, a family of thieves and mixed with food this argument often used to absolve itself.

3. For people to attend the wedding mentioned above, a middle-aged men everywhere to sign the wedding were asked to sign transported to the sign, they say they are for certain people to attend the wedding, and some people would say they are certain guests relatives and friends along for the ride with the.

Beware of thieves and unwanted visitors four strokes mixed drink mixed with food

1. Send wedding invitations, statistics, number of guests, and print a guest list and simple as a list, please enter the wedding guests by invitation only. In fact, this approach is useful, they also do not make the guests feel too harsh, because the invitations sent the invitation is a very stylish way, but also to verify the true body uninvited guest; also the guest list is also necessary, in charge of receiving the people do not know all the guests, so have a guest list would be more conducive to the reception of guests. Encountered in the welcome area if there is no real invitation of the "guests", to keep guests feel embarrassed, the man can be asked in detail about the guests or the woman invited guests invited guests, as guests have fixed seating arrangements, need to ask one of the guests with the guest entrance, so that the intruder can only really go away to give up.

2. Banquets and seats can be set on the table cards, seating arrangements for guests specialized personnel guidelines. So naturally there is no opportunity crashers.

3. Admission before the group photo. Can ask guests posed for pictures before entering with the new, or with new people welcome photos (Roll) group photo collections, such "inconvenient" appearance of the "uninvited guest" who had to stay away.

4. Premarital preparation, arrange for staff for various things. Zhang Dan wedding consultant wedding Rights Network in an interview with Lufthansa, said the wedding mixed with food, stealing things have occurred, based on their experience, the wedding, you should do a detailed task assignments, guest shuttle, process arrangements, cash disbursements, receiving red envelopes must designate a person responsible to the finer, more difficult to go wrong.

Classic case of new wisdom

Bridesmaid Dresses diners into the hotel, ready mixed with the wedding party is being held, while the banquet hall in front of reception table is dominated by the two Miss, for every new customers are required to sign. Diners are ready to go pick up a pen to sign, did not realize that one of the first lady looks Meiqingmuxiu asked: "Are you reach? Name?" The man casually reported a name, but the lady who knows really up and down and inspected, diners This they hand a White Wedding Dresses note paper printed a list of invited guests each and every name in the above, come sign the guest will find his name and get a require prior good personal name cards, attendance will be the next Pachira hang on. This is said to give guests a feeling of kind of respected; secondly to prevent uninvited guests came mixed with food; the third, and so after the wedding, the couple will also be collections of these wedding Shakey's name card. The lady is not the patrons reported that after the name, and said I'm sorry, will not be wrong. She said she is still new friends, to help the wedding couple special care, that is afraid of mistakes, you do not look so new people coming. The patrons then back to the sentence I'm sorry, it should be drank on the 8th floor of the couple's wedding the wedding. Obviously, the couple made in advance to prepare adequate and innovative, this refusal to eat family of thieves and mixed brilliant idea is recommended.

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 Wedding preparations for new rules decompression Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Party Dresses preparations for new rules decompression

Planning Prom Dresses, will surely make new people too busy to do poorly with fear, afraid of forgetting something, the pressure clusters, the following will provide you with several decompression rules.

Sleep Method: Pressure enemies of sleep, sleep well, the pressure will correspondingly increase. Daily sleep time Homecoming Dresses, and have 8 hours of sleep time. This time quantitative sleep patterns will help you unwind.

Bath method: 15 minutes soaking in warm water 38 degrees Celsius, not only can you relieve muscle pain caused by back and forth, but let your body naturally relax, away tired.

Aerobic Method: Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can reduce the pressure of eighty percent, because the body can release Mother of the Bride Dresses, a natural sedative make you feel good.

Massage: Stress is often caused by back pain first, it is uncomfortable. To the beauty center massage for half an hour, you can make your body, mind and relax.

Balanced diet: the pressure will be easy for people suffering from bulimia or anorexia, so training time quantitative balanced Bridesmaid Dresses, make your body healthy enough to deal with any major scenes.

Entertainment Law: non-stop for preparing for marriage, but also go to work, increasing the pressure back on course, you must arrange time for some fun, whether it is watching movies, listening to music can be attached to the pressure aside.

Talk to law: the accumulation of more discontent, the greater the pressure, try the other half to you, friends, family, and even White Wedding Dresses, state your displeasure, fear, to remove the psychological burden.

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 If you're to a beautiful wife and wonderful but not enough, you regret it? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If you're to a beautiful wife and wonderful but not enough, you regret it? Live and love, after all, is not the same; if you will live to Homecoming Dresses is a handsome husband, but do not you regret it? How did you think? There is a saying "a good wife is someone else's son is his own good", it seems that men are not satisfied with animals, women are demanding the body.

Therefore, many people will regret married Mother of the Bride Dresses, you will find warm and fade when the helpless, more and more impatient. How many more married women and men have not had enough Bridesmaid Dresses find themselves, do not want to take up family responsibilities.

1, in order to marry and to marry

Due to family pressure, increases with age, for the so-called filial piety, could not bear to nag their parents! Now they do not like rush to marry, and will definitely regret. Who can sit safely in the rest of your life to this White Wedding Dresses?

2, who married Prom Dresses for money

The so-called "fear of the wrong men, women fear to Party Dresses the wrong husband," How many men and women easy access to wealth, try to get married. Think not that woman is so, in fact, will still be out Hunzhao male compatriots. This move is not always spiritual, often either deceived, or "throw good money after bad."

3, and they do not like people getting married

And their loved ones can not be together, but some people like their own, but unfortunately I did not like. But his return has not thrown a number of "get rid" of this like themselves, people with their favorite elusive, and therefore the last to have "from the."

4, the sake of the child were married

Fast pace of modern life, also reflected in the marriage. When the two finally frolicking in the bedroom, "product", many people can only sake of the child married, Jiaxizhenzuo. However, according to statistics since the majority of divorce.

5, separated in two places, one person eager

It is said that marriage is defined as: a man and woman love is the combination of voluntary self-powered, night and day are not separated. Therefore, the two books that men and women long term, those who frequent the poor fellow out of a long, you should be vigilant, and perhaps regret the things are waiting for you.

6, for love and marry.

Love is beautiful, but simple people who marry for love, regret often embark on the road, because life's storms are likely to love the original blown horizon.

7, not satisfied with the status quo.

Should be said that the status quo is not satisfied with the attitude of our work should, however, are often used in marriage can lead to regret that some people had their own young and sleepwalk entered the bridal chamber.

8, disharmonious sexual life of people

Sex is an important link between husband and wife is one. As long as there is one problem, then there will always be the other nagging, complaining, and then remorse, or even derailed.

9, the judge by appearances but who married

Value each other's handsome handsome or pretty generous, do everything possible to each other "cheating" hand, then later regret the days go on more. Because you can see live in each other? You can live with each other's communication it? If they are alone, it may be the other side is "impractical," you what?

10 days than the days of poverty and people with high heart

Needless to say, the economic base is an important guarantee for the family. Certainly not to say that poor husband and wife will divorce, but especially in those days of poverty and heart sky high people, not their ability, often pointing to the other incompetent, and finally day will be split.

In fact, marriage is more than just regret it for 10 kinds of people, such as marriage I do not know each other sick, I do not know each other moral good, I do not know each other all the bad habits will lead to their own deeply regret it. However, any marriage is not perfect. Marriage means that from idealism to realism. Marriage means commitment means responsibility.

Some people say that true love is divided into seven position: erotic, spiritual, romantic, practical, philosophical, lasting and rational. A marriage will last, to see whether you also savor the seven position. The secret to intimate lovers find love in the good situation which is a problem, and timely repair.

Even if a partner has been happy, you can also become more happy, because most of them are still deep-seated lack of communication with each other, intimacy is very delicate. Avoiding problems, to meet the surface of the well-being, the need to improve the situation and makes no effort to Feng Shui, which is sad.

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