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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 Queen appeared: Longines amazing Basel Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Basel Simple Wedding Dresses and Jewellery Show in 2011, Longines special creative for a stunning new audience: a diamond-studded dial Dai Chuo Wiener Longines stainless steel rose gold Junior Bridesmaid Dresses eye-catching and Health, as the "crown Jewelry. " Dazzling diamonds and the elegance of precious metals with different materials, has created this exquisite Bride Groom Dresses unparalleled bright, it is a true treasure that has the charming glory. The "queen" of the peerless beauty and the Oscar for Best Actress Kate Winslet, has been called the world's most beautiful people - Bollywood icon Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and the Asian actress and supermodel Lin Chi-ling, the three elegant Longines ambassador glory shine, style unlimited invincible.

Longines brand Dai Chuo Wiener series is the perfect microcosm of the core values ??of elegance. First published in 1997, the series that won the admiration in the world today are still decorated with many beautiful lady's Quinceanera Dresses. The design of this series inspired by the Italian whims and pleasures of life - la dolce vita sweet life. Contour lines of beautifully smooth rectangular case, hold infinity design changes in the inter-inch rectangle. Now, Longines decided to create a modern and elegant new version of its sophisticated design overflowing with charming freshness, choice of two colors of gold to mention the bright steel shining bright. Steel and steel rose gold Homecoming Dresses has a variety of design versions to choose from, their elegant products for the Longines proposed a new latitude.

La dolce vita sweet as a way of life and its interpretation of the praise of Special Occasion Dresses, Dai Chuo Wiener was born a diamond-studded series of more refined style. Dial inlaid 212 0.508 kt Wesselton VS quality diamonds, the case is also decorated with 32 on .269 kt diamonds of varying Wesselton VVS quality, stainless steel rose gold chain with a perfect table with the unique shape of the extraordinary shell.

Other Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series stainless steel or stainless steel rose Prom Dresses gold Evening Dresses in four sizes to choose from. The variety of design also includes a white dial decorated with Arabic numerals and hour, silver dial decorated with blue enamel Roman numerals, or white mother of pearl dial decorated with diamonds. Version of stainless steel rose gold with white mother of pearl dial is also decorated with fancy Arabic figures. Such as stainless steel rectangular case with gold binding, these new models also with such a strap, a perfect fusion of stainless steel bright shining light and warmth of rose gold. Some styles are decorated with diamonds. All are equipped with the new quartz movement.

Three elegant Longines ambassador, Oscar Best Actress Kate Winslet, Bollywood icon Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the Asian actress and supermodel Lin Chi-ling, starred with the Dai Chuo Wiener series advertising films, romantic interpretation of this beautiful product to la dolce vita sweet life in the modern interpretation. Video will be the unique atmosphere of the streets of Rome with the three stars of the wonderful fashion of natural elegance Red Wedding Dresses.

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 Puff dress with thick arms Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Whether the court with a sense of Quinceanera Dresses, pretty folk style of Homecoming Dresses, the bride or the avant-garde rock and roll style, "Puff"is full of luxurious European medieval temperament, and very feminine design elements heat unabated. Puff Sleeve design all kinds of dazzling debut cute, are emitting a feminine grace.

"Puff"more "reality" of the advantage is exaggerated and ingenious form Puff Sleeve, can effectively cover the arm fat. Arm a little rough on their dissatisfaction of the bride, now look at the following which several wedding.

Rosa Clara

Puff chiffon long tail coat, with a Tee-style wedding with color, so that simple models of the Special Occasion Dress has the details. Romantic and elegant.

Manuel Mota

Puff Puff's created a sense of three-dimensional effect. Excellent cut is the biggest bright spot. Extends from the waist at the cascading tower design makes visually rich, but light, flowing material to the performance of female facial beauty head.

Retro wave of heat are not reduced, the designer in the decorative details rack their brains, even the chest, are decorated with Prom Dresses at the hem, ivory color of the foil purer, filling the classic female beauty.

Lace Puff Sleeve

De la Ciervay Nicolas

Puff Sleeve transparent lace, high-waist design with a white veil, full of European medieval style.

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 The impact of the spring and summer 2011, your eye color fluorescence Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Saturation of eye-catching eye-catching, high-profile face of the mighty, fluorescent color penetration from the bones out of the arrogance of the psychedelic qualities. The major 2011 show floor, hot fluorescent colors will be popular again bursting, from the T audience cloud are eager to master the streets of bold colors to wear fluorescent body, show the most true and most unusual self!

Yellow, bright orange, green, blue and purple fluorescent colors appear in large numbers such as T stage, this is the vane spring and summer 2011. The development of Serbia in London, designer Rock Hill Roksanda Ilincic of the 2011 Holiday Series people feel a strong fluorescent color storm. Her series of clothing department stores in the UK Seer Selfridges, New York department store Harvey Nichols and fashion Bride Groom Dresses shopping site Net-A-Porter will be on sale all sold out shortly after.

If you like the color, want to express more clearly by exploring the feeling of excitement, then the fluorescent color of the above will be able to meet your needs. Looking at the four major international fashion Junior Bridesmaid Dresses week 2011 spring and summer T units, is not difficult to find such a dazzling and color with some sense of technology is definitely the next hot fashion Simple Wedding Dresses elements. Designers seem to have lost patience for the black and white, is always presented in bright fluorescent colors and cute prints, as if to say: "If you do not wear next spring, fluorescent colors, you will fall behind!"

Two of Italy's most renowned designers Miao Miuccia Prada and Jill Sander brand Raf Simons, is to do so. Prada's spring and summer 2011 is presented in T units of lines and bold colors of tropical parrots and monkeys, flowers, long scarves and bananas exotic dancers a sense of printing, giving a carnival experience. The spring and summer 2011 brand Jill Sander series show into the field with the excitement of the past very different tone, fluorescent color of the Quinceanera Dresses with a simple T-shirt, smart and lively.

In addition, a French brand Louis Vuitton series in the spring and summer 2011, bright, Homecoming Dresses,Special Occasion Dresses,Prom Dresses, the British designer Christopher Kane 2011 spring and summer series of large colored blocks, flower prints and side grid pattern and so on.

Phosphor by fashion Red Wedding Dresses gurus as "the most sexy color," which high-profile and not provocative, avant-garde and not kitsch, is no doubt who is the distinctive fashion Elegant Wedding Dresses wave in the material of choice this season. If you are out and out of fashion Beach Wedding Dresses, closet, how can we not have a touch of bright colors. If you want to bring out the childlike pink, just add a little black dotted, and immediately highlights the mature and charming you.

Fluorescent yellow and fluorescent green is the color of the season's most IN, from major brands new product launches in Europe and America T Taiwanese pop stars to supermodels have missed it. This season's fluorescent green everywhere, Baoshen broadband vest, Evening Dresses with bright fluorescent green thing is the trend this season, and fluorescent multi-color mix of color and is bold and out of place there.

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 Fashion, such as lily-like dress for the bride bloom Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the West, the bride wore a Quinceanera Dress hem dragged to the ceremony was originally a Catholic service. Some European countries in ancient theocratic state system, people get married have to go to church for the priest or pastor of prayer and blessing, only it's only formal, legal marriage. So the ceremony the bride wore sincere service to God and purity. But in the 19th century, when the girls married the bride Homecoming Dresses worn, and there is no uniform color specifications. In 1840, the British Queen Victoria at the wedding with an elegant white Special Occasion Dresses white show, attracted royalty and high society bride to emulate, white Prom Dress has gradually become the preferred color.

Early last century, a symbol of pure and holy blond Evening Dresses along with the pace of the West into China, just less than a hundred years, Western Bride Groom Dresses subvert the conclusion of the Chinese people for thousands of years the concept of a Junior Bridesmaid Dresses . Phoenix coronet Xiapei abandoned brides, took off his red gown to wear a Simple Wedding Dress. Skirt length and manner, the same spread as the umbrella skirt of the wedding, the temptation the heart of every woman, no woman can withstand the temptation wedding. Each woman had a dream doing all sorts of different wedding, each bride to be married are looking forward to Red Wedding Dresses from the bottom of my heart the moment.

A woman, whether she is extraordinary or outstanding beauty, whether she is rich or not, Colored Flower Girl Dresses the moment, she is the world's most beautiful woman, because a woman gives her heart wedding is not just beautiful, but also happiness, and look forward to, and yearning.

If the church weddings, the bride can not pass through sub-low-cut dress, because it is disrespectful to the performance of the clergy. In particular, certain rituals, wanting to have knelt down, exposed arm of the bride topless kneeling before the icon, rather it might create the feeling of lack of respect for the church.

Idea of ??the bride also is a long tail and short tail wedding choices, often subject to external environmental factors. If the salute in the church, a long tail is more beautiful, but the flower girl to be at large for the job would be enough if the flower girl too young for the bride picked up the trail effort, and even tripped; the bride choose the float is limited Another challenge trailing wedding, a long, long tail, ordinary cars do not fit, even if barely squeeze into a ball, get off the long tail will be wrinkled, very unsightly; there is if the street , at wedding hotel is not clean and so clear the ground, then the long tail will dirty the beautiful bride, but also will affect the image of the perfect bride, so wear a small tail wedding, the bride is already sufficient .

Now many are for the bride to buy or rent a Classic Bridesmaid Dress good and headache, in fact, this depends on the wishes of the bride and their economic conditions, if the bride wedding souvenirs have saved as a permanent place to store large enough, then worth investing in a Fashion Bridesmaid Dress; but if you save the space is not big enough or subject to other conditions, it need not have to buy the bride a wedding to remember, in fact, marriage can do a lot of things can be a souvenir, such as you can Buy beautiful bride crown, headdress, veil and so on.

If the bride princess-like qualities of classical elegance to the extreme contrast.

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 IN today's most fashionable wedding in the form of eight Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The hotel also do wedding dinner party? It would be very out it! The traditional wedding is nothing more than eat and drink, not so much new as it is the wedding show for all to see. If you have always been a restless people in general, then take a look with Xiaobian eight among the most stylish weddings in the form of it !

Parachute wedding

As the name suggests, the couple landed from the sky diving, under the blue sky promised their commitment to ultimate way to commemorate this most important day of life.

This form of marriage must be aware of security issues, new body must be good enough, and the need to advance through the guidance of professional coaches and training.

Travel Wedding

A new era of young people prefer to travel marry, they advocate that only two people in the wedding Homecoming Dresses, one can only enjoy the trip along the scenery, but also cultivates the mind.

Travel wedding for lively, new travel preferences. Best travel destinations according to the local season to decide, for example: travel to Australia, the best leave in autumn election to get there is to it the most beautiful in the spring; travel to Southeast Asia, you can choose to go there to enjoy the summer and winter, feeling.

Candlelight Wedding

Candlelight wedding Special Occasion Dresses, the church have adopted the wavering candle lighting, which can create a very romantic atmosphere. Wedding candle symbolizes the combination of new people, before the start of the ceremony, each guest holding a candle, when the couple towards the altar, the pause at the edge of each row of seats, a recent guest in the hands of lit candles, and then the guests lit candles nearby guests, until the entire church candles are all lit.

Candlelight Wedding Prom Dresses adapt to the Catholic faith and Christianity, or respect for this sacred church wedding Evening Dresses, a romantic couple but careful, remember to fire!

Submarine Wedding

Underwater wedding fashion Bride Groom Dresses is new to the most courageous people prepared. Aside the traditional ornate Quinceanera Dresses, wearing a diving suit of the newly married couples of color, with the help of the diving instructor, diving into the sea facing the sea wedding Junior Bridesmaid Dresses, preparing for the wedding, so witnesses stone, and amazing panoramic view of the sea floor, fish child is your wedding Simple Wedding Dresses, sea turtles is your choir, I feel amazing.

Wedding at sea diving, to adapt to coastal areas with diving facilities, there must be new diving certificate.

Hot air balloon wedding

Most people recognize that marriage is a hot air balloon from the gymnastics champion Red Wedding Dresses, in fact, hot air balloon wedding in the West have long been of the form, and can also be found in the country now a professional planning company serving you complete the dream.

Hot air Wedding Dressesat the request of the weather is relatively high, we must make full preparations, always understand the weather conditions. In addition, fear of heights or new diseases such as high blood pressure to physical reasons, recommendations or choose a relatively mild form of it some of the wedding.

Yacht Wedding

You all think of luxury and romance is in the wedding Elegant Wedding Dresses, carrying your friends and family will love the harbor yacht to sail the tropical sun, blue sea, in the beautiful yacht, wearing a sailor suit breakdown of the crew on both sides, accompanied by new music from the ramp slowly onto the deck, numerous ribbons and usher in a real blessing to the people, and even boats are cheering for you whistle.

Held should be aware of new yacht Beach Wedding Dressesyacht normal operating conditions, and life saving facilities are complete, the best day to ask the two rescue personnel, so as to avoid accidents.

Nature Wedding

In the embrace of nature, like a soft green lawn boundless carpet, set off a lively wedding, with arches made of flowers and green leaves circle the main venue of the region, the big long table neatly spread filled with flowers and American meals.

This wedding is usually used as the form of a buffet. Earth, sky, sun, green grass, flowers, romantic wedding together for the blessing, so that we have come to the beauty of nature into the wedding now!

Beach Wedding

If you are near the beach, wedding on the beach is very pleasant sea breeze blowing in, will be more attractive to bring out the elegant bride. This form of marriage as the host can generally choose dusk, watching the sunset when the sun sets, everything is so poetic.

Late spring, summer and early autumn are the beach bonfire barbecue is a good season Oh!

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