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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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 Mother Notes wedding trial Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Choose stylish and of course, essential for their own wedding! Test bride wedding, so what's never awakened?
For the bride, the most important thing in the wedding day to become the most beautiful female lead. Choose stylish and of course, essential for their own wedding! Or a bridal salon in the studio, try the rows of wedding, or undecided. Test bride wedding, so what's never awakened?

Test test must be the better wedding?

Each girl has a heart of greed, that try to test the better wedding, the best to each have tried. In fact, this wrong. Because sometimes try too much, you will think that this Ye Hao, that Ye Hao, contrary to their own confusion. Some even think that the more try, the worse, especially in the bridal salon trying on different styles, lets you can not find the feeling. The best way is to find a style before, and then try, try 2 to 3 sets of the general on the line.

Chest full of people wear wedding?

Chest full of girls do not feel inferior, but do not worry lingerie straps will not fall down, because the wedding will be received inside the waist and stomach tight, until the time would not hold up your breasts, the other wedding photography company the staff have a variety of small ways to help you solve this problem.

People who are too thick arm, how do wear Party Dresses?

Avoid sleeveless dress is a good idea. Shoulder a large skeleton bride, you can choose American sleeveless dress, which would allow his long arms exposed.

Wedding petticoat must be within it?

No matter the size of the general must have a slip dress, but what kind of petticoats Beach Wedding Dresses according to the material and style and your body to decide. Do not accompanied by thick heavy wedding petticoat, bride feel so stupid. Even if you are a petite bride can also choose someone who can match the skirt, the hem of a kind wedding shake the feeling, only dynamic in order to fully show your figure.

Sake of the child bride, married to select wedding?

Sake of the child married is not something serious, and is stressful for you to stomach, in fact, do not wear the kind of tight-fitting wedding, both are harmful for babies, but also on your body no good. You can choose Black Junior Bridesmaid Dresses, wedding around his waist line in your chest, waist, both to block the belly, it will not highlight the little fat in the body.

Wear a wedding dress when you have to wear gloves?

This is not a hard and fast rules, mainly because people have more formal sense, but also appears you are very elegant. But the end of the wedding, you have to take off the gloves.

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 Both elegant and sweet bride makeup Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

POINT 1: looking finish to create flawless skin and delicate 

Would like to draw the perfect bridal makeup, the most important thing is to have no time for the end of muscle shape, and with a glossy three-dimensional features.


1, the use of foundation to shape the face three-dimensional effect Bo Hou, marked with thin layer of the natural foundation, use the same color in the cheeks and then coated with a layer of foundation, foundation parts manufacturing T-thin, thick foundation cheeks parts three-dimensional.
2, in the nose on both sides of the cheeks and forehead defects or pores, which are coated with an appropriate amount of clear liquid foundation place, and then pulp, gently place the method to circular motion shot open, and can Concealer.

3, and then the whole face evenly coated with liquid foundation, used palm gently press the skin, the foundation fused with the skin, so foundation is more docile. Finally, the powder brush Powder hold.

4, after looking finish on can be installed in a small spray of mineral water, sprayed in the face distance, then naturally dry, so make makeup look more soft and hazy.

POINT 2: create a watery eyes and moving his eyes 

Nude makeup look stressed a sense of temperament without too much eye makeup colors, the focus is to make the brightness of eyes to show it with the deep level, in order to highlight the sense of eye makeup-free, over-bright colors can be omitted. Department can choose color and blue eye shadow, succinct and classic black eyeliner and mascara natural camp.


1, can be lightly coated with a layer of cream eye shadow base, and then painted using dark brown eyeliner under the eye liner on the liner and, after a two-thirds, let's highlight the natural contours of the eye type. 

2, to make the eye more three-dimensional, and ultimately, brushing mascara on this step. Particularly in the sense of naturally occurring color LOOK for nude makeup, mascara brush is definitely very necessary!

3, eyebrow color and eyeliner on the eye makeup are the best choice of brown or brown, softer. Eye shadow can choose pink, orange and other bright pearl eye shadow not play, can end in the eye and the former head position under the eye liner, liquid eye shadow brush on the light gold eyes will look especially God.

POINT 3: eyebrow eyebrow to create a natural appearance 

As simple as possible to carry out the modification of the eyebrows, to show the original nature of the eyebrow, can well be self-confident side of you show up, oh. 


1, eyebrow color and eyebrow as far as possible similar qualities, the use of light color than the eyebrow One of the eyebrow.

2, eyebrows modification as simple as possible, use eyebrow brush to Mei Wei forward from the brow brush, simply follow the original painted pale eyebrow, do not deliberately modified, the color of the eyebrows and hair color can be coordinated.

3, the eyebrows do not fix it too thin, simple arc can be triggered with the eyebrow.

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 Alert! 9 can not choose the bride's wedding dress Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Can choose to admire for his bride and the wedding is every girl has a wish. Many brides choose wedding dress the bride will put great enthusiasm, but not necessarily right themselves. Now popular very quickly, some adverse criticism of the dress also followed published. Critical to avoid these styles as long as the bride, as a perfect appearance. 1, the tight-fitting bra dress Members may feel tight money more prominent figure, but also see if it is to wear comfortable dress! First it will make you unable to move, whether moving, eat or do something. Second, this design is quite rough, thick materials, hard, soft and lose a sense of the waist. If the designers removed the skeleton-like support section, perhaps the effect will be better. But in terms of a bride, seems too harsh, not to mention the Homecoming Dresses was already passing. 2, short in front long dress I know the fashion trends of the 80s come back, but this style is not that I accept, unless you are Madonna to shoot a dance music MV. Asymmetrical bias cut dress is filled with frightening theatrical effects. Organza and satin upper body material is terrible conflict, and the foot straps are not suitable for wedding. Remember that you are not going to break down, but going to get married. 3, two-piece lace dress First, whenever two-piece is not suitable for wedding choice, it is the basic Junior Bridesmaid Dresses sense. Second, this tooth looks full of bare shoulders and a sense of vulgarity, lace collar design has long passed. Third, even if you just choose to see, your level will not have this, this long straight skirt with the same paragraph is not suitable for long-sleeved coat of loose. The bride looks happy, maybe she was just fascinated by the beach, while ignoring her bouquet just as bad. 4, large bow dress skirt This is a surprise offer by a bride! Really do not understand what the bride needs to dress before putting such a big limp bow. This looks more like a large bow scribbled deal, without any sophisticated sense. Bow down all the way from the center of the folds seem complicated mess, evidently, not to dress the bride was also flooded one of the things to note. 5, feather dress with pearl pendant So the bride dressed more like Las Vegas showgirls in Las Vegas, but it is definitely not suitable for a bride. The long-sleeved full of beads pendant vulgar sense, and it is very cumbersome. Feather skirt the same vulgar, in a dress actually has two elements in the same vulgar compete against, so people feel terrible. Beaded upper body can not bring the same charm, the opposite order bride funny, but hip is not suitable for many feathers to decorate the. Select this dress, apparently not after careful consideration, if you do not want to reflect your special interests of certain birds, I see you gave up the idea. 6, red tail robe Designer Alfred Angelo design this dress is more suitable than the bullring in Pamplona wedding. Is a bold attempt not only adventurous bride, will be destroyed, especially in the red robes intolerable delay, coarse cloth seemed stiff, full of gold embroidery is tacky, cheap and heavy feeling impression that the bride is simply unable to move, this color also can not cheer up people, I think it is more suitable for bridesmaids. 7, long wedding coat paragraph Unless you are 50 years of age, or you do not consider such a dress or a. Down to the floor-length dress coat suitable for the older woman, and it has not fashion sense. The bride's bouquet as questionable, because the overall appearance looks more like a Victorian grandmother, not a fashionable young bride. Frankly, not very suitable for wedding dress jacket, especially the brightly colored jacket. 8, feather dress The bride looks is leading to a death sentence, because from the point of her dress as suffering from depression. The feathers sprouted like just like the drilled out from the skirt, and feathers do not fit in the dress, it may be suitable for showgirl. 9, princess wedding section If you want to choose a princess wedding theme, choose this wedding does not seem too much wrong, but if not, I advise you to give up. It's unbearable to imitate the main one is that it looks more like cartoon characters, cheap materials do not say, Puff sleeves and tapered design, detail design is full of lace at the tacky feel. In addition to a wedding dress so you can make more than ugly, do not know what kind of people wear the beautiful.

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 Wear a wedding ring in the part of the wedding Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wear a wedding ring in the part of the wedding, the bride if the nail has a pair of flowers as a decoration in general, must make us a more profound impression on you. Therefore, it can be said of the bride bride nail styling highlights an important dress, here we tell you about the bride and nail for the introductory knowledge.

 Bridal Nail paragraph 1: French manicure bride

 French manicure is the most common is the bride the most classic bridal manicure, natural and generous, the performance of the bride's temperament is very simple place. Some decorative little French A, become even more magical color, highlighting women's sexy charm.

 Nail, paragraph 2 brides: Crystal Bridal Nail

 The color of cream with nail polish to do with the tone set with irregular stones each finger, showing the beauty of the bride luxury innocence. The diamond embedded in a half French manicure in a dimly revealing the details of the United States, play a role in the finishing touch, set off the bride elegant temperament.

 Bridal Nail, paragraph 3: Carved Bridal Nail

 Carved in the middle of the outer fingers graced played a role, so that the bride to enjoy the nuances of cute. Red is the color of this year, but also for the festive atmosphere of the wedding, the carved design, highlights the bride's atmosphere, mature beauty. Carved with a nail outside the popular trend this year, so the bride in the subtleties exudes an elegant taste.

 Bridal Nail Paragraph 4: Painted Bride Nail

 Painted bright line and drilling pattern in the skies, flowing out of a mature lady temperament, soft pink with a lot of money to the bride style.


 Here we would like to remind the bride's sister who is about to do, whether wedding photographs or wedding day as much as possible not to select the color is too flashy nails, to meet with the main garment. Fake nails can make the whole seemed more slender hand, are not used to paste fake nails bride, at least a half months to grow long nails for repairing. Like posted in the nail drill of the bride, fake fingernails to try to choose to avoid corrosion while drilling with nail glue.

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 Specific to your LoveMovie will be staged Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Specific to your LoveMovie will be staged, how can the less well-prepared at this time the * music, warm, happy, *, and even silky sorrow, in the years after the date of when you think of a white face of the various fragments of love, those who complex state of mind may be accompanied by the familiar melody and regain aftertaste.

Key Factor 1: with the wedding venues section

Wedding venue choice of wedding band condition is a prerequisite, you must understand that the size wedding venues, sound equipment and sound control conditions, for example: Some bands need to compare the high ceiling of the venue will be effective, if not with the need to reconsider the case, some areas may welcome the limited area, you can choose to replace a violin string quartet, some of the band will bring their own sound, while others want the hotel to provide audio equipment, these must be pre-communication Well, do not have the desired effect and the deliberate pursuit of the difficulty of manufacturing operations, such as piano duet, but the soft romantic atmosphere for weddings, but the piano is really a headache to set troublesome problems, if not the wedding site itself, then essentially difficult to achieve.

2 key factors: the wedding theme and atmosphere consistent with

Live band first and foremost task is to create the wedding atmosphere, so the first and most important point is to meet the wedding theme and want to create the atmosphere, if you want warm and elegant atmosphere, then the Western-style string is the ideal choice, If you want romance, then you can choose with the nature of jazz or pop band to liven up the atmosphere, you know, the wedding band is only a means, not lead, to dominate the show will only make people feel awkward, or to the theme of all services.

3 key factors: the band and the wedding master of ceremonies to communicate well


Pre-wedding and wedding consultants in particular is very important to communicate the master of ceremonies, the whole wedding process is controlled by the master of ceremonies in specific, but when the band appears depends on the manner in which the entire wedding planner scheduler, and these three the relationship of the actor as a party, the relationship between host and director of the band in advance to get a detailed wedding planner book, define their time appeared in wedding, showing a good grasp of the music and the whole wedding process fit degrees.

4 key factors: good wedding budget

Price band is usually calculated by the hour, of course, to count per person per hour, especially the band of different forms of foreign bands have very different charges, inquiries each other when they understand clearly the process contained in the performance how much rest time, exceeds a predetermined play time, some fees and invited the band must take into account your budget and capabilities, and prior to a number in mind, in time to avoid unnecessary additional costs.


5 key factors: the case for the band itself to understand

Before deciding the best use of a band to do a full understanding of their situation, a more special occasion, in the hubbub of guests can play and requires experience and an attractive level, and also to understand the understanding of the wedding, so understanding the band is playing a relatively rich experience in the wedding is necessary.



Same time and for the cooperation of the band members performing the band qualification, and preferably also have a general assessment, most of the wedding bands are all part-time schedule so often there will be need for temporary substitutions on the situation of conflict, so it is best in the present have staff on the basis of one or two replacements fixed, while the band's suit should be decent and norms.

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