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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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Their wedding ring may be bright, they may be luxury high-profile wedding, but it all starts with the success and the perfect marriage proposal - only two are sweet big event. While most ordinary people, I like the singer in Seoul as well furnished luxurious rooms to Heidi? Klum to marry him a little bit difficult, but at least you can move in from the romantic hopes of finding inspiration to create your own exclusive Romantic moment. Below, offer you love Hollywood stars became a classic case of courtship, please give full play to "used" for the building that belongs to you and her moments of it.
No. 1 on: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

 Propose highlights: the Eiffel Tower propose large

 During playback: in a whirlwind of high-profile loving show, Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes to the world's most romantic cities of Paris. In this fashion capital, Cruise staged his real-life romantic drama, an official at the Eiffel Tower to propose to Katie Holmes.

 Love knot Tips: In the world's most iconic places, plans are like a movie plot to marry him. Such as the meandering of the gondolas of Venice scenery, or the top of the Empire State Building is a good choice.

 China's men can choose the top of a building where the city's clubs or bars to propose to her, such as men in Beijing may choose to China Intime center layer of light bars 65, enjoy the spectacular night view of the remainder can not pay attention to the time when she was suddenly To propose to her.
No. 2 on: Heidi Klum and I Seoul

 Propose Highlights: In order to marry the well-appointed cabin Glacier Dome

 During playback: Christmas Eve, the Grammy winning singer I Seoul supermodel Heidi Klum and the helicopter came to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada Glacier region a peak. At an altitude of 10,004 km height, I came to Seoul with my girlfriend, had a dome house (which he arranged especially for this moment people begin construction in advance), and on this success to the Clam marry.

 Love knot Tips: looking for a make you feel the whole world there is only a special place you both, can be the empty hilltop, or no one disturb the beach, belongs only to the two of you create a private moment.
No. 3 on: Christina Aguilera and Jordan Brightman

 Propose Highlights: do not re-using a variety of gifts for the wedding ring like appearance pave the way

 During playback: pop queen Christina Aguilera and music producer Jordan Brightman Carmela Valley vacation in California, a man bathed in the romantic rose petals in the room, laid out a variety of gift boxes, And in this particular room, the actress to marry him. Christina even more surprising is that each gift wrapped box is different, and also followed with a Michael Jordan created their own poems. When Christina opened the last box, the one 5 carats diamond ring out there in front of her! Then Brightman down to one knee, asking to marry his sweetheart.

 Episode: Although Christina Aguilera in October 2010 she announced in mid-music producer Jordan Brightman have been separated for several months, the cause is the relationship between the two felt each other like friends than husband and wife, but the original Jordan Christie's plot to marry is still regarded as classic case of suitors.

 Love knot Tips: before the marriage proposal, with a handwritten love letter to express your deep love for her, this will make her prepare for the move, and propose to help you succeed.
No. 4 on: Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell

 Propose Highlights: marry in childhood home

 During playback: in a public place with others propose different, actor Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn actress chose a very private place at the completion of the engagement confession. When they play in New York, specifically with Romijn O'Connell spent his childhood to his apartment, where her complaint to make Zhongchang.

 Love knot Tips: choose a special significance to both of you to marry him to places such as your first kiss, or the first meeting place.
5 on: Bill Zhu and Banti Liyanuodai
 Propose Highlights: Chicago Helicopter Tour

 During playback: With the reality show "The Apprentice" became famous overnight for the excellent performance of the Bill, and entertainment channel hostess Judy Zhu Liyanuodai classes that the couple's attention to the marriage rate to soar. When a luxury car at the Chicago airport to meet longer Zhu Liyanadai Banti, the prospective groom's favorite actress, Bill holding pizza and champagne, prepared on the helipad near the staged romantic drama. Later, the helicopter flew to Chicago to take them downtown where, according to the sky where all the holiday lights to help the Bill a favor. Surrounded by shining light beam at the helicopter, the actor to marry him victory!

 Love knot Tips: You can take a high risk, she experiences, optional props including ski cable car over the years, including rope amusement park, or take the train to another city in the way base for exploring.
No. 6 on: Jenna Bush and Harry Hager

 Propose Highlights: In the top of the continental United States propose to usher in the sunrise

 During playback: Mr. Bush at the president's approval, the former White House aide Harry Haig with U.S. first daughter Jenna Bush, on vacation. Haig 4 in the morning wake-up Jenna, ask her to go to Maine's Acadia National Park on foot Cadillac Mountain Morning. When they reached the summit, the sun just beginning to appear, Haig is now requesting to be his wife, Jenna.

 Love knot Tips: Try to find the best suitor in outdoor locations, you can choose the steep skiing, or sneak into the fascinating waters.
Chapter 7 on: Tracy Hua Bin and Nuoyahuaile

 Propose Highlights: Treasure Hunt

 During playback: in the "ER" Carter played in the doctor's Nuoyahuaile successful Valentine's Day to him in real life love, makeup artist Tracy Huabin Cheng Gong marry him. Marry in the traditional Valentine's Day has always been considered the lack of creativity, but that Tracy surprise, Wyler drama was staged before in a surprise marriage proposal to organize a treasure hunt, and then offer the hillside is a romantic picnic . During the reception, Wyler successfully thrown his proposal vowed to capture beauty heart.

 Love knot Tips: Choose the right timing is important to marry. Whether in line to buy movie tickets, or resting on the sofa at home, as long as stable or happy mood she can make good use of time.
Section 8 on: Kyle Newman and Jamie King

 Propose Highlights: romantic moments in the park

 During playback: film director Kyle Newman and Jamie King with actress spent considerable time carefully selected their engagement rings, wedding rings and want to be in their scheduled departure to reach the hands of the resort . Unfortunately, for some reason they not only miss the courier, also had to start a series of large FedEx tracking. When the wedding ring was eventually sent to when the couple is walking in Beverly Hills, Newman act decisively, holding gold wedding ring to propose.

 Love knot Tips: keep up with changes can be described as planned. If the engagement is not carried out as expected, then the impromptu marriage proposal is also very good feeling.
Article 10 on: Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen

 Propose Highlights: romantic trip, Costa Rica

 During playback: The actor Charlie Sheen and real estate investor Brooke Mueller holiday to Costa Rica, the Xin gave Mueller an inscription, "Brook - to marry me? - love you Charlie" inscriptions Patek Philippe watches. Subsequently, in the hands of a mosaic Xin natural yellow diamond 11 kt gold wedding rings of platinum will be completely conquered the heroine.

 Episode: November 2010, Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen on the former lovers that divorce came the news of Charlie's third marriage and facing the end. It sounds as if Charlie is not lucky, but joy that only they know, and everyone will present their best interest to make the choice, therefore, wish them love each be wonderful statement.

 Love knot Tips: This shows that ring size is not the most important, give your lover a unique engraved gift of words of love is the key to successful marriage proposal; in the next life, the more the two sides of human nature Competition The truth of a pure quality, as they largely determine the quality of marriage and whether you are happy and long.

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