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:handh5)Since beach wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a wedding veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you'll need one with a style to wear .
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We missed the wedding ceremony for couples to send message, wish that their marriage can be happy. How can the message about the wedding of a lively and appropriate it? In particular, we have prepared the wedding message Guinness, the following message from several classic example of the wedding will be able to provide you a good reference value.

Wedding Sample 1 message

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends:

In this beautiful night, let us dance the happy lovers, lovers for the happy singing of love for the hot toast, wishing them a way of life is always bathed in sunshine of love.

Before the start of it all the guests to send us here a couplet. The joint is: eat, ate delicious not to waste the world, the second line is: drinking, drinking wine world do not get drunk, scroll reads a sentence Zhao wisdom: Chihaohehao! I also sincerely wish that all the guests present at all of our friends, family happiness, happiness, good health and good luck!

Finally, let us raised his glass, bless this happy dragon and phoenix couple married life together, together forever!

Wedding congratulations Example 2

You family and friends, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Good evening! In this laughter, heaven luck, almonds, heaven and earth together in the festive day, we meet here, a grand celebration of Mr. XX XX Miss married.

Today, I am very honored to accept the commission the bride and groom, into this sacred and solemn of the wedding hall for the wedding the couple induced message. Here, first of all allow me on behalf of two couples and their guests to visit their families on to express my sincere gratitude and warm welcome! The same time, we sincerely wish for them, pray for them as they cheer for their acclaimed for their perfect combination, let us

The warmest applause, bless the bride and groom happy, and wish their lives as sweet as honey, their love eternal as a diamond-like, their career, as golden as brilliant.

Example 3 wedding congratulations

Ladies and gentlemen Hello everybody:

Mr. XX is the work of our company engaged in market operations, is an excellent employee, XX XX Miss accounting firm engaged in engineering budget and final accounts audit work, two new like-minded, from the acquaintance, friend to love, even entering marriage today temple, is the edge is two copies of their collision with a pure heart, described as "flowers Bingdi, two people better suited, Jiaoutiancheng"; is love, love this new combination of heart to heart the sweet sweet too honey, blend Enenaiai.

I think, at this moment, our groom, at any one time more than usual feel true happiness, even more handsome; and our brides at any one time more than usual was his excitement, even more lovely and pretty gentle, everyone said - is not (applause). Of course, at this moment, I think, is the most exciting two couples most happy, that is, the groom, the bride's parents are raising the ex.

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